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Love’s Lies 真爱的谎言之破冰者 (2018)

Love’s Lies
Also known as:  真爱的谎言 / 真爱的谎言之破冰者 / Zhen Ai De Huang Yan

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Romance
Episodes: 30
Country: China Mainland
Release Date: Apr 18, 2018
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  • Luo Jin as Jin Yuan
  • Pan Zhi Lin as Tan Dou Dou
  • Cao Alvin as Qiao Liang
  • Fu Meng Bo as Shao Yang
  • Lu Xing Chen as Huang Xin Yue
  • Chang Morning as Cai Bing Kun

Love’s Lies 真爱的谎言 – A courier with ice poison broke the quiet life of urban white-collar Tan. The sender was a long-lost boyfriend who fled marriage seven years ago. Teasing on the way to the police station to escape, went straight to the city beaches sent by the parcel to find far away. Yan Yuan is a suspect in the police and other monitoring, suspected of using the auction transaction for money laundering groups. I can’t give up this.

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