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It should be a mob maid!

It should be a mob maid! (Novel)
Other Name: เมดสาวหน้าใสหัวใจว้าวุ่น / モブメイドのはずですが!

Genre: novel
Suzushiro Tae (清白 妙)
Related story:

Sophia, a young maid who was accepted to work in the mansion of the noble surname to look after the weak young lady.

When you were young, you had to attend a dance party to find a suitable marriage partner. It turns out that she was the target of the notorious sir, Eliot, the father of a female tiger! Sofia has to intervene to the point that Miss Mia, who she closely monitors, must be unclean before marrying a good man. Until there is a cause for you to get involved with Mr Elliot!

Will she be able to successfully discourage Young Mistress from snake head? And she who was shocked by Sir Elliot, how to deal with my own heart.

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