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How to buy stocks

Recently, many friends have inquired about how to buy stocks. Today’s experience will talk about this topic, hoping to help friends in need.


  1. The principle of batches: If there is no full certainty, the investment design can adopt the method of buying in batches and buying in a dispersed manner, which can greatly reduce the risk of buying.
  2. However, there should not be too many types of stocks to be purchased in a scattered manner, generally within 5 stocks. In addition, the purchase of stocks in batches should be implemented in a planned way according to your own investment strategy and capital situation.
  3. Bottom principle: The best time to buy stocks in the medium and long term should be in the bottom area, or the initial period when the stock price has just broken through the bottom and rose. It should be said that this is the time with the least risk.
  4. And short-term operations naturally have opportunities every day, but also take into account the short-term bottom and short-term trend changes, and fast in and out, and the amount of capital invested should not be too large.
  5. Trend principle: Before buying a stock, you should first have a clear trend judgment on the operation of the market. Generally speaking, most stocks follow the trend of the market. It is easier to buy stocks when the market is in an upward trend. profit.
  6. Buying at the top is like pulling teeth from a tiger’s mouth. Buying at the intraday has few opportunities. It is difficult to survive in a downtrend, so stocks should choose strong stocks that are in an uptrend.
  7. END

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