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Goddess of Pride, Counterattack!

Goddess of Pride, counterattack! (Novel)
Other Name: ปาฏิหาริย์รักเทพธิดาจำแลง / 傲娇女神,逆袭吧!

Genre: novel
เมิ่งลั่วทิงเตี๋ย (梦落听蝶)
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Two babies were swapped at the hospital …

‘Xiao Rao’ girl from a country outside the rice field Discovered that she is the daughter of a wealthy family Initially, she thought she would change from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. To live happily in a true family. Wherever the truth is not

“Xiao Jin Ning” another girl has taken everything from her Including family and fiancé When the astrologer returned to his parents Instead, they have been slanderated and abused by the family. To the point of being fired home until the car crash tragically died

At the same time, ‘Tang C’, the famous heir of Empire Group. Was murdered by a reluctant relative Meaning to usurp power The young lady opened her eyes again, then in the poor body. She is determined to take revenge on Xiao Astro. And punish the murderer thoroughly From then on, she will return to the glamor that had been there and … find love with her true love. ‘Qiao Liang’

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