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Female Surname Shen

female surname Shen (Novel)
Other Name: ยอดหญิงสกุลเสิ่น / 嫡女归

Genre: novel
Liang Pian Chue (两边 之 和)
282 + 5 episodes
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Because of being bullied by a mother, Seon Wei, who is physically weak, dies with pity However, for this reason, the young soldiers of the present era penetrate into the body of a young woman with the same name as herself.

When being bullied by her mother Deport yourself in a place that is far away. With the reason that she wants ‘to heal’, thinking that she will give up on the malevolence of this raising mother? It’s okay when you kick her out She will use one of her brains and two hands to revive her family to make her head rise again!

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