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The Farmer’s Concubine Early Growing Up

The Farmer’s Concubine Early Growing Up (Novel)
Other Name: 农家皇妃初长成

Genre: novel
Author: Onyx Bead
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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The protagonist Yanyi once traversed into an ancient poor peasant girl, and his father did not love milk or love, and there was a group of strange relatives who did not care, but She was not afraid, took her mother and sister to leave, created the first snack in the town, and embarked on her path of making a fortune!

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Yan Yi choked and couldn’t speak. Tears fell from her face like beans. The one who cried was called a pear flower with rain.

Then Li did not give up. Seeing this, stood up, regardless of the mud, pointed at Yan Yi’s nose and frowned, and shouted: “Die girl, you don’t tell the people who sell your stuff in town and lose your father. Now your father wants to take you home, you still don’t want to!”

Master Li Zheng also felt a lot of numbness in his heart. The Yan family was simply too much. Seeing Li’s cursing and spitting, he whispered:

“What is the quarrel! The three of He and his wife have already separated from Yan Fugui. Why do they still have to support you when they are getting better today? Isn’t it shameful? If Yan Fugui, if you are a bit prosperous, you will not lose your daughter-in-law. It’s a kid!”

Yan Fugui was blocked by Master Li Zheng and speechless, and the stern Uncle Liu said again: “Last time you smashed their mother’s yard, I’m there, so I can leave it alone? Who in the village is not helping each other out? , You become a slut!”

Among the villagers, women who sympathized with He and the others also rushed: “Yes, Fang’er, I can’t go back. Yi’er has made money. They are here to ask for money. If they go back, they will be beaten and scolded!”

“Li, you go quickly, don’t be embarrassed here, and lose us from Wushan Village!”

“Yes, hurry up! What a shame!”

The villagers talked a lot, because the Yan family completely lost its reputation. Li could no longer stay. He spat at the villagers, picked up the bracelet that had just fallen to the ground, stuffed it into his sleeve, and murmured away. .

“Okay, okay, it’s all gone! It’s hot, go home and rest!” Master Li Zheng waved to the villagers, and helped He pick up the basket on the ground and gave it back to them.

Uncle Liu also glanced at the He family at last, sighed, and said helplessly: “I’m sorry to cause trouble to your mothers!”

He was about to stop Liu Shu and say something, but Liu Shu said, “What will I tell Master Lizheng in the future, I am also a bachelor after all, and you will always be hurt.”

After that, Liu Zhuzi turned and left with the firewood on his back.

Niang San listened to the last words Uncle Liu said, and she felt uncomfortable in her heart. Swallow took He’s hand and bit her lip.

After a long time, He shook his head, sighing and pulling the two people in a deep voice: “Go, go home!”

After this incident, although passing by will always meet Yan Fugui, but he did not do anything excessive.

She had some money selling stone jelly, so she thought about buying some clothes.

He simply pulled the cloth directly and made a set for the three mothers alone.

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