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The Great Adventurer Wesley 冒險王衛斯理 (2018)

The Great Adventurer Wesley (2018)
Also known as: 冒險王衛斯理 / 冒險王衛斯理之支離人 / The Great Adventurer Wesley / Fragment Man

Genres: Action, Adventure, Mystery, Drama
Episodes: 20
Country: Hong Kong
Network: TVB Jade , iQiyi, iQiyi
Release Date: Apr 29, 2018
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  • Yue Shawn
  • Yam Simon
  • Lam Gordon
  • Wong Raymond
  • Ng Philip
  • Ho Dominic

The Great Adventurer Wesley, The drama tells the story of the extraterrestrial civilization secretly infiltrating into the earth for thousands of years. The international criminal police special adviser Wesley is naturally adventurous and uses high-tech weapons to capture extraterrestrial creatures to maintain the order of the earth. This series consists of three parts, namely, “Broken People”, “Blue Blood Man”, “Unknown Hair”. “Wesley’s Branches”: For thousands of years, alien civilizations have secretly infiltrated into the earth. Wesley, a special adviser to Interpol, is naturally adventurous and uses high-tech weapons to arrest alien creatures and maintain the order of the earth. Once, a broken hand that can move freely appeared in the high-ranking white people of Interpol. Wesley and White’s eldest daughter, together with the investigation of Interpol of Interpol, found that there are actually people in the world who can decompose the body arbitrarily – Deng Shi. Then the Egyptian found the body of the pharaoh who was made into a mummified limb, and led everyone to a mysterious tomb. There is not only the secret of the human body, but also the alien energy that makes the world rush. Wesley and the detainee Deng Shi launched a thrilling battle for the ancient tomb. And as the truth unveiled step by step, the white boss hidden behind all the conspiracy finally showed his evil ambitions, and a fierce battle was inevitable.

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