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Forensic System: Lord, See You Tonight

Forensic System: Lord, See You Tonight (Novel)
Other Name: 法医系统:王爷,晚上见

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Princess Liang Liang
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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The protagonist Su Limo Lianjin, originally a forensic doctor of the 21st century, accidentally crossed but was eaten and wiped out before waking up. , She was lying next to a male corpse, holding a murder weapon in her hand, and became a suspect in the heart-pull case. Let’s see how she pulls away her cocoons, stirs the dark and dark waves with her own power, and brightens everyone’s eyes.

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Su Li opened the record book and read it carefully. Chen Ba’s reputation is not very good. He has nothing to do all day long, doing all kinds of sneaky things. He also has an 80-year-old mother who is silly, and can’t provide any clues.

And the record book at Baoyue Tower is even more messy and has no focus.

The only guest who had some impression of Chen Ba could only remember that the time Chen Ba entered the wing was Chen Shi.

“The day before yesterday, I entered the wing at Mao. I passed out in a coma within less than a cup of tea. According to Chen Ba’s body stiffness and blood condition, I determined that his death should be Chen Shi, that is, Chen Eight died after entering the wing.”

“Since Miss Fourth was in a coma, she really didn’t see anything?” Wang Quanan asked tentatively.

Su Li looked up at him, “I really hope I can see something, but it’s a pity.”

Everyone now believes that Chen Ba was the one who ruined her innocence that night.

She didn’t deny it, but didn’t want to make the bastard man wary.

As for whether Chen Ba was the one bought by Su Qianyue, based on Su Qianyue’s personality, he would definitely deny that instead of tossing about her, it is better to focus on other clues.

“This is already the fourth one. If the murderer keeps doing it, the black hat on the official’s head will be out of luck!”

Su Li didn’t say anything, but turned over the files of the first three cases.

The first deceased had a rich family background. The family was in a silk business and had several shops. He died in the forest. The second deceased was a peddler, a lonely family member, and died in a ruined temple where he settled. The third deceased followed Like Chen Ba, a villager in Chenjia Village, died at home.

She put down the case file, poured herself a cup of hot tea, held it in her palm, and watched the heat rise.

“According to the available evidence, the four deceased had the same method of death and the same humiliating plot. It can be determined that the murderer was the same person. They had a deep hatred for these people. The murderer changed their human heart to pig heart. Some seem to be telling the world that these people are beasts.”

Wang Quanan, who was originally confused, finally became clearer in his mind after hearing Su Li’s words.

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