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Fighting Unconscious Monarch

Fighting Unconscious Monarch: No Salt Abandoned and Really Spicy (Novel)
Other Name: 斗上昏君:无盐弃后真泼辣

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Su Xin Xiaolou
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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The protagonist Siqin, an accident, came from a museum to another time and space, his face was completely ruined, and the vicious and pungent Lenggong became Si Qin’s new identity. In order to reject Chenghuan, she is high-profile and aggressive, and is bound to carry out the image of a spoiled woman to the end; to escape the dispute, she pretends to be an eunuch, but reluctantly gets into the chariot of the uncle.

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Seeing the angry pupils slowly expanding in front of her eyes, Qinzi swallowed. Eh, how could she say “Come and see”? It sounded like a leader inspecting, and he was fainted. However, apart from these three words, Qinzi really couldn’t think of how to explain his behavior.

“Look?” Luo Weizhen looked at the “little eunuch” in front of him in disbelief, furious. He gave her three days to find the real culprit who killed the concubine Chen. She actually came here in the middle of the night to peek at him and the concubine… Why is this woman so unreasonable? !

The strength on his wrist gradually increased, and Qinzi looked at Luo Yanjin painfully, but saw that the person in front of him gradually reduced his anger and narrowed his eyes.

A wicked smile suddenly appeared on his face. He slowly approached her ear and said in a low voice, “Have you finished reading?”

“It’s finished.” Qinzi was taken aback for a moment, and nodded dumbly.

“Does it look good?”

“Eh,” Qinzi glanced at him suspiciously, then shook his head, “not very good.”

“Huh!” As soon as he shook off Qinzi’s wrist, Luo Weizhen’s face was covered with several layers of frost. “After reading it, don’t you hurry up? Tomorrow if you can’t find out the truth, please don’t blame me ruthless!”

“Yes, yes.” Qinzi smiled doglegally, bent over and exited the room, completely looking like an eunuch. As soon as the door closed, Qinzi immediately ran away.

“Amitabha, thank Zeng Ge for your blessing!” Qinzi ran and prayed to the sky with her hands folded. To be honest, even she herself admired her courage a little bit, and she dared to say something “Come and see” and “not so good”. Ohmygod! If it wasn’t for breaking the weird atmosphere just now, she wouldn’t dare to say that!

However, today’s task is finally completed. Qinzi looked at the moon in the sky with a satisfied smile on her face. Everything depends on tomorrow…

(I am the dividing line of happiness…)

Well, let’s go back to the time when Qinzi left Lengyuan Palace with Xiaolezi. After Min Rou gave the qinzi, she stood at the door worriedly for a while before walking back into the room. I packed up the refreshments on the table and was about to go back to Shangyi Bureau, but heard a slight commotion in the flowers outside the window.

The movement in Min Rou’s hand paused for a while, and she continued to work.

Suddenly, a masked man in black jumped from the ceiling. The man drew a dagger from his waist and quietly approached Min Rou’s back. Min Rou didn’t seem to notice, and continued to pack up, the masked man suddenly raised the dagger in his hand and stab Min Rou.

Turning around in an instant, Min Rou blocked the stabbed dagger with one hand, and slammed the man in black on the chest with the other hand. Seeing this, the man in black was shocked, before he could avoid it, he hit the palm.

Min Rou also quickly stepped forward, and quickly stretched out one hand, rushing toward the enemy’s throat. The man in black held back the sharp pain in his chest, blocked Min Rou’s throat-locking hand, waved a dagger and stab Min Rou.

In the silent Lengyuan Palace, the two of them were violent step by step. The men in black recruited and killed them, but were cleverly avoided by Min Rou and turned to counterattack. Min Rou’s movements seem soft, but they are also at the heart of the man in black.

After a while, the man in black gradually couldn’t hold on, and adding the palm of the hand just now, a dagger pierced it, unexpectedly lost his head. Seeing this, Min Rou turned her backhand and twisted the man in black’s wrist. With a little effort, the dagger fell to the ground with a “clang”.

“Who are you?” Min Rou asked coldly on the white round face still with a plain and ruthless expression.

“Hmph, I should ask you these words.” The man in black sneered, a palace lady could have such martial arts, what is her identity?

Min Rou lowered her head and vaguely saw that the man in black had a pattern on his hand. When she opened her sleeves, she saw a black “Forbidden” word on it.

“Are you from the Forbidden Luan Palace?” Min Rou raised her head and asked with a hint of surprise in her eyes.

“Huh.” The black-clothed man turned around, and broke away from his sensitive hand, and jumped out of the window. Min Rou hurried to the window, but the man in black was no longer visible.

Thinking of the word “Forbidden” on the hand of the black man, Min Rou frowned, and a sudden wave of anxiety appeared in her heart.

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