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The reason why Denmark is the happiest country

Denmark has an area of ​​only 43,096 square kilometers. In 2018, its per capita GDP was 60,596 U.S. dollars (the ninth in the world), its per capita national income was 34,600 U.S. dollars (the seventh in the world), and its human development index was 0.901 (very high).

Denmark is a highly developed capitalist country with a highly developed economy, a very small gap between the rich and the poor, and an extremely complete social welfare system; Danes enjoy a very high quality of life, ranking first in the global happiness index for many years, and are the happiest in the world s country. Why did Denmark become the happiest country in the world?

First, “Without the rise of Western Europe, where can the Danes live a happy life”. The Danes and Germans, including the Nordic people, did not become developed countries because of colonial plunder. From the historical results, Spain and Portugal, which first began to colonize, are the least developed countries in Western Europe.

In the 19th century, Northern Europe was still the poorest region in Europe. Due to the cold climate, long crop growth cycles, and backward production methods, 4 million Swedes left their homes and immigrated to the United States. Denmark has become a developed country, firstly because it is close to Britain, the birthplace of the industrial revolution, and secondly because of its strong creativity.

Denmark has a small population (only 5.8 million in 2018), but it is a world-renowned cultural power. Denmark gave birth to world cultural celebrities and scientists such as fairy tale writer Andersen, composer Carl Nielsen, atomic physicist Niels Bohr, etc. ;

In the 20th century, 12 Danes won the Nobel Prize. Denmark is a world leader in the fields of architecture, astronomy, biology, environmental science, meteorology, anatomical research, immunology, light speed calculation, electromagnetics, serum research and nuclear physics research.

Second, in 2018, the population was only 5.8 million, but there are many world-class companies. Looking at the top ten companies in Denmark, you will know that Denmark is strong and balanced.

The top eight companies belong to eight completely unrelated fields. The ninth is Denmark’s National Grid, and the tenth is Danske Bank. There is no oil, real estate or Internet company.

Third, it’s not a reason, it can only be a fact; after the British Industrial Revolution, the Germans have risen in an all-round way, and the countries where the Germans are distributed are all developed countries.

Germans, Austrians, Swiss, Anglo-Saxons (English), Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, and Icelanders are all Germanic; Germanic Americans are the largest ethnic group in the United States.

Fourth, there are almost no poor people in Denmark, and the gap between rich and poor is the second lowest in the world. Denmark is a typical “three high country”-high income, high taxes, high welfare, and the income tax rate is as high as 50-70%. These taxes are widely used in social welfare and education. Happiness does not fall from the sky. Investing in education, seizing opportunities, and an efficient and transparent system have created this prosperous and happy country.

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