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Discover Love 從心發現愛 (Movie 2013)

Discover Love (2013)
Also known as: 從心發現愛 /  Love From the Heart / Cong Xin Faxian Ai

Genres: drama, Friendship, Romance, Life
Episodes: 1
Country: Taiwan
Network: Anhui
Release Date: May 9, 2013
Related Show: In Time With You (Parent Story)


  • Lin Ariel as Cheng You Qing
  • Chen Bo Lin as Li Da Ren
  • Sun Yorke as Yorke

The mini movie takes place where ‘In Time With You’ left off. Cheng You Qing reflects on her relationship with Li Da Ren, from friends to couple. Like any other husband and wife they fight, and make up… and they’re fighting now. So You Qing goes to Singapore on her own. The web series is a Singapore tourism special that uses the drama ‘In Time With You’ as its backdrop.

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