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The Diary Of Loving A Forgetful Sweet Wife (Manga)

The lost memory wife
Other Name: 失忆娇妻宠爱记 / Amnesia, wife, pet, love / Shīyì jiāo qī chǒng’ài jì / Shi Yi Jiao Qi Cong Ai Ji, 失忆娇妻宠爱记

Genres: Manhua,Romance,School Life,Shoujo
China Mainland
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Amnesia wife favorite cartoon: A full of conspiracy full of feelings, a scheduled crash accident. She forgot the past, but met someone in her life who could never forget it. He said, “You’ll be my kitten in the future!” Maybe, this is fate!

A relationship filled with conspiracy. A hijacked flight. She forgot her past but she met an unforgettable person.He said “You will be my Mao-er! Perhaps, this is destiny!”

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