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To Be With You 我要和你在一起 Episode 11 – 15 Recap

Episode 11
In order to expel Lin Meiya, Ou Rui said that she was seduced by Ou Yang because of her anger, said that she would seduce Ou Yang. Ou Changlin was so angry that he asked Ouyang to fire Lin Meiya, but Ouyang resolutely disagreed. Ou Changlin then came to the company and asked Lin Meiya to resign automatically. Lin Meiya flatly refused, saying that he must leave the post after he proved himself innocent, and told Ou Changlin his impression of Ouyang. He thought that Ouyang was cynical on the surface, but actually he was in the heart He was a kind, intelligent, and righteous person. Ou Changlin was moved by Lin Meiya’s words.

Episode 12
The four new product launch conferences of Ou’s Group in the second half of the year are imminent. Ouyang adjusted its manpower to form a temporary team and put it into intense preparations. The first problem that Ouyang can face is the shortage of budget. Ouyang went to see Ou Rui to discuss whether to increase the budget, which was rejected on the spot by Ou Rui, and Ouyang was hit hard. Preparations have been delayed, and the internal team has complained. Ouyang was faced with difficulties and could not do anything for a while. Ouyang took Lin Meiya to the fighting hall to release punches. Lin Meiya used her hard childhood experience to encourage Ouyang. Ouyang cheered up again. Li Weiwei was upset because of Ouyang’s neglect. She sang and drank with some young people she knew online, but she was almost humiliated. Fortunately, Li Dong appeared in time and did not make a big mistake.

Episode 13
The new product launch has finally made new progress. Lin Meiya thought of a way to combine the four conferences into one to solve the problem of insufficient budget. This plan was affirmed by Ouyang. At the same time, Li Weiwei is being trained as a waiter in her old shop. Lin Meiya’s friend Xu Siyu in France quietly returned home and gave Lin Meiya a big surprise. Ouyang couldn’t help but be impressed by the two women’s sisters. In Xu Siyu’s father’s private club, the three brought wine Yan Huan, soon, Xu Siyu and Ouyang were a little drunk. When Li Dong met with Ori and learned that Ori and Chen Zhe lived in the same community, Li Dong proposed to go to Ori’s house for dinner. On the other side, Chen Zhe had already waited at Ou Rui’s house for the anniversary of the two.

Episode 14
After Chen Zhe returned to his residence upstairs, O’Rei apologized for chasing him. Just when the two were sweet at Chen Zhe’s house, Ou Yang, Lin Meiya and Xu Siyu were standing outside Chen Zhe’s house. The three yelled at the door of Chen Zhe’s house, accusing Chen Zhe of being a disrespectful man. Chen Zhe had no choice but to let them in. Several people had a fierce quarrel in Chen Zhe’s house. Chen Zhe was afraid that the three would find Ou Rui’s whereabouts and pushed him down After Lin Meiya, Ouyang fought with Chen Zheyu for Lin Meiya and eventually alarmed the police. Several people were taken to the police station, and Ouyang was still relentless to Chen Zhe. Police Officer Wu had to put him in the detention room first.

Episode 15
In the office of Ouyang, while the three were eating delicious food bought by Xu Siyu, Ouyang suddenly dared to have a severe pain in his wrist. After going to the hospital for examination, he found that Ouyang and Chen Zhe had caused a fractured wrist bone. The three were eating and drinking outside. Lin Meiya and Xu Siyu drew pictures on Ouyang’s arm plaster for fun. Back at home, Ou Changlin found the graffiti of Lin Meiya and Xu Siyu on the plaster of Ouyang’s arm. He stubbornly believed that Ouyang hadn’t really changed, and was still the cynical son before him.

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