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The Eternal Love 3 (2021) 双世宠妃Ⅲ

The Eternal Love 3 (2019)
Also known as:  双世宠妃 / Shuang Shi Chong Fei / 爆笑宠妃: 爷我等你休妻 /  ท่านอ๋อง เมื่อไหร่ท่านจะหย่ากับข้า ภาค3 / The Eternal Love 3 / 双世宠妃 III / Shuang Shi Chong Fei / 爆笑宠妃: 爷我等你休妻 / 双世宠妃 3 / The Eternal Love Season 3 / Shuang Shi Chong Fei III / Shuang Shi Chong Fei 3
Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Episodes: 30
Country: China Mainland
Network: QQLive
Release Date: 2019
Related Show: Adapted From A Novel (The Eternal Love 1, The Eternal Love 2)


  • Liang Jie as Qu Tan Er / Qu Xiao Tan
  • Xing Zhao Lin as Mo Liang Cheng [8th Prince]
  • Amy Sun as Jing Xin
  • Hu Chun Yong as Yu Hao [Aide to 8th Prince]
  • Zhou Zi Xin as Lin Ke
  • Wang Hao Ge as Mo Jing Xuan

Third installment of the “The Eternal Love” series. An unforeseen event changes the life of Qu Tan’er (Liang Jie), after a suicide attempt over her love for Mo Yihuai (Wang Ruichang). She wakes up to find that another person has entered her body, namely Qu Xiaotan, who has time-traveled from the modern world. Both girls share a different personality, with Qu Tan’er being gentle and submissive while Qu Xiaotan is wild and uninhibited; whenever one of them tells a lie, the other takes over their shared body. Duty forces Qu Tan’er to marry Mo Liancheng (Xing Zhaolin), thus beginning an unexpected romance between two people thrown together by circumstance: infact, as Tan’er persists in her love for Yihuai, Liancheng falls in love with modern girl Xiaotan.

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