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Day: May 21, 2019

Hikaru no Go ヒカルの碁 (Manga)

Hikaru no Go ヒカルの碁 (Manga)Also known as:  ヒカルの碁 / ฮิคารุเซียนโกะ / Shindō HikaruGenre: manga, Coming-of-age, sports, supernaturalCountry: JapanWriter: Yumi Hotta and illustrated by Takeshi ObataYear: January 8, 1999 – July 28, 2003Episodes: 23 VolumeRelated story: […]

Hikaru No Go 棋魂 (2019)

Hikaru No Go 棋魂 (2019)Also known as: 棋魂 / Qi Hun / ฮิคารุเซียนโกะ Genres: Youth, Sports, Fantasy, dramaEpisodes: 36Country: China MainlandDirector: Liu Chang (刘畅)Writer: Network: iQiyiRelease Date: 2019Related Show: Cast: […]

Big Issue 빅이슈 (2019)

Big Issue 빅이슈 (2019)Also known as: 빅이슈 / Bikisyu Genres: dramaEpisodes: 32Country: South KoreaDirector: Lee Dong HunWriter: Jang Hyuk RinNetwork: SBSRelease Date: March 06, 2019Related Show: Cast: Han Ye Seul […]

Beautiful World 아름다운 세상 (2019)

Beautiful World 아름다운 세상 (2019)Also known as: Beautiful World / 아름다운 세상 / Areumdaun Sesang Genres: Melodrama, family, dramaEpisodes: 16Country: South KoreaDirector: Park Chan HongWriter: Kim Ji WooNetwork: JTBCRelease Date: […]

Arthdal Chronicles 아스달 연대기 (2019)

Arthdal Chronicles 아스달 연대기 (2019)Also known as: 아스달 연대기 / Aseudal Yeondaegi / Aseudal Chronicles / Asadal Chronicles / The Chronicles of Aseudal Genres: Drama, fantasy, historicalEpisodes: 18Country: South KoreaDirector: […]

Aide 보좌관 (2019)

Aide 보좌관 (2019)Also known as: 보좌관 / Bojwagwan Genres: Drama, political, thrillerEpisodes: 10Country: South KoreaDirector: Kwak Jung HwanWriter: Lee Dae Il (이대일)Network: JTBCRelease Date: June 14, 2019Related Show: Cast: Lee […]

A Place in the Sun 태양의 계절 (2019)

A Place in the Sun 태양의 계절 (2019)Also known as: 태양의 계절 / Taeyangui Gyejeol / The Sun’s Seasons / Seasons of the Sun Genres: Melodrama, romanceEpisodes: 100Country: South KoreaDirector: […]