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Rouge Debt 业明x姚望 (2019)

Rouge Debt 业明x姚望
Also known as: 业明x姚望 / Lost Promise

Genres: Historical, Romance, Gay Character
Episodes: 30
Country: China Mainland
Release Date: Dec 31, 2019
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  • Yang Leo as Jiang Qingliu
  • Yao Lucas as Chuan Huadie
  • Huang Qian Shuo as Lan shanke
  • Wang Zhuo Cheng as Mei Ying Xue

A Demon Lord who was spurned and imprisoned for thirty years unexpectedly becomes the woman in rouge. While she strives to uncover the truth around a massacre thirty years ago, she falls into a romance with the new master. Many days later, a beautiful woman is delivered before Jiang Qingliu inside a box. He discovers that she is none other than Boye Jingxing and in order to cover up the fact that the Demon Lord is a woman, Jiang Qingliu pretends to be enamored with her to keep her close. Unexpectedly, Boye Jingxing is not at all what she seems as she switches personalities from that of a goddess to that of a crazy woman – one is naively devoted to him and the other has ulterior motives. As the truth resurfaces, so does the killer that Boye Jingxing has been searching for all these years.

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