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Hello Prosecutor (2021) 你好检察官

Hello Prosecutor 你好检察官
Also known as: 你好检察官, Ni Hao Jian Cha Guan, 检察官马慧丽成长记, Hello Prosecutor

Genres: Drama, Legal, Crime
China Mainland
Cui Liang (崔亮)
So Hyun Kyung
Release Date:
Sep 8, 2021 – Sep 29, 2021
Related Show:
base on Prosecutor Princess by So Hyun Kyung


  • Sun Yi as Jiang Xiaoxi
  • Zhang Hao Wei as Ren Tianyu
  • Zhu Yu Chen as Yin Chuan

The Story of Jiang Xiaoxi and her journey to become a brilliant prosecutor.

“Hello Prosecutor” mainly tells that Jiang Xiaoxi has always been worried about the prosecutor’s dream. Her justice and persistence have made her a prosecutor. After she entered the public prosecution department, she continued to grow through intricate cases and integrated into the procuratorate. The big family gradually realized the responsibility and mission of the prosecutor, and found the true meaning of fairness and justice, and eventually grew into the story of a qualified prosecutor.

Kim Min Jong plays a very just prosecutor in the play, which is different from Li Zhicheng of the special forces. The prosecutor in this drama is more challenging and breakthrough, and this is also the theme of Jin Hao’s first challenge, playing a mature A steady prosecutor can be said to have a popular atmosphere.

Jiang Xiaoxi, the female actor, was starred by the powerful actor Sun Yi. In recent years, Sun Yi has performed several excellent works, such as the “Because of meeting you” and “Can we not be sad”, the performance is remarkable. Sun Yi is almost always a role played by love, and this prosecutor, who is justified and kind, is really worth looking forward to.

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