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Brain and Activity in Each Period

Morning Time

  • 05.30 hrs. Wake up. After the first half hour, you will not concentrate on things. That must be done
  • 6.00 am After waking up for an hour, it will be a good time for
  • 8.00 am. The brain is fully awake. Ready to work at full capacity, is the time that requires the ability of the brain to think critically and solve various problems at the maximum, starting at 8:00 am until 12:30 pm. You will probably feel tired, stressed and do not concentrate on work or in making decisions. It’s called a bad time in your day.
  • 14.30 hrs. After going through the bad days of the day, you will be able to draw the ability of your brain to solve the problem again as well as at 8:00 am and after the burden of solving your work problems. Through
  • 16.30 hrs. You will come back refreshed and refreshed again when you relax from stress and work as a time of relaxation. The brain will work in the art of reading as well. And at the time
  • 20.00 hrs. If you do not go to bed at this time, it will be another time that you will be tired. And tired Again because your body demands rest And you will get tired until you go to bed, rest to wake up, start with your daily routine again.

Late wake up Behavior

This time, let’s take a look at those who wake up a little bit more. You will have a bad time after waking up. If you wake up at about eight o’clock in the morning, your brain works like this.

  • 8.00 am Wake up at eight o’clock. In order to find the first 2 hours of awakening Will be the moment that you do not want to do anything irritated and do not concentrate Until going through this period until your brain starts working after ten o’clock in the morning
  • 10.00 hrs. Brain starts to awake Fully functional And work fully until thoroughly around 13.00 hrs.
  • 13.00 hrs. The time of exhaustion of both you and your brain until the solution or concentration is reduced, which will be with you for about 2 hours.
  • 15.00 hrs. Here you will feel awake. The brain will be able to use the artistic ability to read music until the evening.
  • 18.00 hrs. After this period, it is the time of the right brain. That can be used to solve various problems and this period will last until late
  • 23.00 hrs. Will be the time when the body demands rest again To allow the brain to rest after using it all day
  • If we observe, we will find that our brains will work well over time and have different periods of time. And the individual’s habits that the brain Whether left or right Each has a different time to work at maximum efficiency.

Our brain, in addition to being developed from food, eating, genetic or environmental Then another important thing is to have the opportunity to use it always Because using the brain to think things Which is always creative, will result in increased brain development This is because we are trained. And the brain is learning and remembering, kept as an experience in solving problems in the future Once you know your brain better Try to find a way to use the maximum potential of the brain to be used to the full benefit to suit each person better. Maybe your brain may have something hidden, as your brain can’t imagine.

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