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Falling in Love With You is The Best Thing I Have Ever Done 爱上你是我做过最好的事 (2020)

Falling in Love With You is The Best Thing I Have Ever Done (2020)
Also known as: 爱上你是我做过最好的事

Genres: drama
Episodes: 40
Country: China Mainland
Director: Lin Yu Fen
Release Date: 2020
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  • Zheng Shuang as Shen Xi Fan (Hotel Manager)
  • Yang Yang as He Su Ye (Physician)

Shen Xifan [Zheng Shuang] is a hotel manager and workaholic. Because of her high-intensity work, she suffers from headaches. She goes to the General Hospital and meets the gentleman physician, He Suye [Yang Yang]. The first time speaking to each other is so wonderful and warm. He Suye tells Shen Xifan that she needs to reduce her stress and get more rest in order to recover from her headaches. As He Suye tells her not to be so hard, don’t make herself so tired, his words and look are so gentle, Shen Xifan can see him as boyfriend material. As well, a move and faint smile from Shen Xifan makes He Suye deeply fascinated by her.  Shen Xifan still works overtime and and continues to get headaches that send her to the hospital, where she continues to see He Suye as her attending physician, and each time, he is slowly falling her. Their relationship gets better and better with the two continuing to be fascinated by each, that it is logical for the two to walk together.

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  1. Please tell me the truth it is confirmed?please don’t play my yangshuang heart.i’m waiting for them to pair again in another drama.hope this not fake news.


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