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What are zodiac and characteristics?

The zodiac is a twelve-part division of the sky in the neighborhood of the ecliptic. The zodiac and astrological symbols. The twelve signs used by the astrologers are not the same as the 88 constellations in observational astronomy. The constellations are by definition a pattern of stars, and their sizes differ greatly. The signs, on the other hand, are pure geometrical constructs. Listed below is a table of the characteristics of the signs, according to the astrologers:

  1. Aries = Ram (Energy, activity, entrepreneurship.)
  2. Taurus = Bull (Materialism, practical sense, perseverance.)
  3. Gemini = Twins (Communication, social activities.)
  4. Cancer = Crab (Social work, caring professions.)
  5. Leo = Lion (Authority, leadership, vitality.)
  6. Virgo = Virgin (Scientific, analytical ability.)
  7. Libra = Scales (Artistic, sense of equilibrium, mediation.)
  8. Scorpio = Scorpion (Sex, medicine, science, intensity.)
  9. Sagittarius = Archer (Sports, idealism, religion, philosophy.)
  10. Capricorn = Goat (Ambition, politics.)
  11. Aquarius = Water (Bearer Humane, intuitive.)
  12. Pisces = Fishes (Dreamer, altruistic.)
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