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Saving Rock 節約ロック (2019)

Saving Rock 節約ロック
Also known as:  節約ロック / Setsuyaku Rock , Setsuyaku Rokku

Genres: Japanese Drama, Friendship, Music, Comedy
Episodes: 10
Country: Japan
Network: NTV
Release Date: Jan 21, 2019 – Mar 25, 2019
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  • Ueda Tatsuya as Matsumoto Takao
  • Shigeoka Daiki as Inaba Kouta
  • Fujii Mina as Oguro Makiko
  • Ayaka Wilson as Shiina Rin
  • Ukaji Takashi as Kuwata Keizou

30-year-old Takao Matsumoto is single and a salaryman. He loves rock music. His girlfriend is Makiko and they have dated for 3 years. Due to Takao Matsumoto’s spendthrift ways, his girlfriend dumps him.


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