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Jun Gong (Simon Gong) 龚俊

Jun Gong (Simon Gong) 龚俊
Real Name:  龚俊 / Simon
Nationality:  Chinese
Gender: Male
Born:  November 29, 1992
Occupation: Actor, model
Birthplace:  Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Height: 185cm
Star sign: Sagittarius
Zodiac: Monkey
Talent agency:
Education: Graduated from Donghua University, Department of Performance
Official website: 龚俊Simon (weibo)
Music group:

Television Series:

  • Ni Hao, Huo Yan Lan (2021) as Huo Yan
  • A Tale of the Wanderers (2021) as Wen Kexing
  • Fantasy Westward Journey (2020) as Ren Yixia
  • ART ON! (2020) as Fang Yan
  • Unique Lady 2 (2020) as Zhong Wumei
  • Begin Again (2020) as Ling Rui
  • The Love Equations (2020) as Zhao Fanzhou
  • Flavor It’s Yours (2019) as Lu Weixun
  • Unique Lady (2019) as Zhong Wumei
  • Lost Love in Time: Exquisite Drunken Dream (2017) as Yuan Che
  • Lost Love in Times (2017) as Yuan Che
  • Advance Bravely (2017) as Xia Yao
  • Sword Chaos (2016) as Bi Lu


  • Project X-traction (2020) as Hai Ming
  • Rebirth Partner (2017) as Yi Sheng
  • Lost in Japan (2016) as VK

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