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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 1 Recap

The enchantment collapsed 500 years ago, and the Primordial Demon Sword was born. There are countless swords that have gathered together, causing harm to the common people, and the lives are charcoal. The lord of the emperor alliance and countless soldiers died in battle . In order to save the common people, the wife of the emperor and the west guarded the sword. The bloody sword temporarily sealed the Primordial Demon Sword. When Emperor Cang died, he left instructions and ordered people to find his successor or completely eradicate the evil sword.

In order to maintain the peace of the Nine Heavens Continent, Jiuhuamen selected talented talents to enter its door, and passed on the cultivation of the star soul and combat skills to improve the rank, and for a period of five years, the two countries held a banquet for the king’s arrival. , The selection of people who can fight against the Primordial Demon Sword, however, the Demon Sword’s roots have long been planted to the darkest moments quietly approaching. Huamen had no choice but to send his disciples to look for the star soul stone with the power of the emperor, but he did not know that the true master of the heart and soul was about to emerge.

It’s time for the annual admissions exam for the four universities. Ren Qianxing, the great elder of Jiuhuamen , the place where the exam was in charge of Jiuhuamen, Tianyong City , handed over the enrollment to his apprentice.

In Tianyong City, Young Master Ye was riding a horse on the street. A child was almost injured. The child was rescued by Qin Wentian, the adopted son of the Qin family. Qin Wentian discovered that the Ye family had arrived in Tianyong City.

Bai Qiuxue, the daughter of Bai’s parents, and her sister Bai Qing , also came to Tianyun City to participate in the admissions of the four universities. Bai Qing said that she is a big family and has an exemption quota every year and can directly enter the four universities. Bai Qiuxue Said that she would never use that quota, it was a shortcut to prepare for useless people, she would definitely be admitted by her own strength. Bai Qing said that the outstanding genius who played all rounds had already booked a kiss with her sister. This is Qin Wentian coming, telling them that the court has sent Ye Jiajun to Tianyong City.

Hou Qiuxue wanted Wentian to use the silver needle crossing method to help her communicate with the star soul, so that her slogan could be fully grasped. Wentian said, this silver needle extradition method is to open up the meridians, and I have not succeeded yet. . Bai Qiuxue said that he believed him. Under the extradition of Silver Needle, Bai Qiuxue quickly broke through the third layer and reached the limit. Forcibly acquiring the fourth heaven star soul would be life-threatening. Fortunately, asking the heavens for help to guard the third heaven.

Bai Guangcheng, a hundred masters. I am here, and I am very relieved of it. Wentian made him feel very dissatisfied and asked Wentian to leave.

When asked Tian to return to the mansion, I just heard Qin Wentian’s brother Qin Shang say that the person who asked the heavenly master had no blood, no matter how hard he cultivated, he was a dead end after all? Unable to communicate with the Star Soul, she is destined to have no chance with cultivation, so why did she give her a place? Very dissatisfied with this, General Zhenyuan Qin Chuan said that it was because of his inexorable pulse that he was sent to Jiuhuamen, which might heal her inexorable pulse.

Wen Tian, ​​Xing gave the soul stone to help Qiu Xue recover, but Bai Guangcheng didn’t expect to take his life. Just when Bai Qing heard that Bai Guangcheng wanted to kill him, Bai Qing wanted to take Qin Wentian away, but Bai Qiuxue blocked him. Bai Qiuxue told him that we are not people in the same world, so mind first that he is a dead end and don’t want to travel to their marriage contract. Wentian walked down the street in sorrow, was assassinated and chased him to the cliff and fell off the cliff.

The emperor was seriously ill, and the prince was still young. Wang Yiheng of Zhenjiang was the regent. In the court, the head of the Ye family, Ye Mo, presented the ice flowers sent by the regent of the kingdom of Yi Hengxue. It is said that one leaf is born in ten years and one blooms in a hundred years. Flowers can cure all diseases. At this time, Mo Qingcheng, the daughter of Mo’s family, came, and the Bingliu flowers suddenly opened. Mo Qingcheng told the regent that his father could not come here because of his illness. Qingcheng was the upper court on his behalf. Ye Mo retorted that no woman had ever entered my Dayi court. , Not only did your father not come, but instead sent you a generation of women to break in, with a bad name. However, Qingcheng said that she was the imperial princess of the current sage, and could go to any place in the imperial palace of the kingdom of Yi.

Ye eldest son leaves intact to invite Mok Lin participated in four universities admissions examination, was rejected, just to be the servant girl saw Allure Mo, Mo told Allure. When Qingcheng saw the clay doll on the table, he remembered the story of the Dark Night Demon Emperor told by his grandfather. After that, he decided to secretly participate in the admissions assessment of the four universities. Mo Qingcheng, a woman disguised as a man, came to Tianyong City.

Qin Wentian, who fell off the cliff, was not dead. After waking up, he strayed into a cave, met the Star Soul Stone, and became its new owner.

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