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I have you for the rest of my life, sweet and warm

I have you for the rest of my life, sweet and warm (Novel)
Other Name: 余生有你,甜又暖, Yúshēng yǒu nǐ, tián yòu nuǎn, มีคุณตลอดชีวิตที่เหลือของฉันหวานและอบอุ่น, The rest of my life is with you, sweet and warm, ชีวิตที่เหลือของฉันอยู่กับคุณ

Genre: novel, romance
Jiong Jiong You Yao (囧囧有妖), embarrassed embarrassed demon
1330+ ongoing
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Entertainer Lin Yan was notorious for being framed, lovers betrayed, and her career fell to the bottom.
But one day, her life suddenly hung up: change girl number one, popular variety show, receive big-name advertisements … At the same time, something unthinkable often happened to her, but she had no memory of it. Until one day, she met a mysterious and powerful man, this man, who knew everything about her …

Chapter 1 Strange Sounds
Chapter 2
Chapter 3 Dare to Gamble Once
Chapter 4 My Vision Isn’t That Bad
Chapter 5 Memory Fault
Chapter 6 The Closest Relationship in the World
Chapter 7 Figure out one thing
Chapter 8
Chapter 9 Break Your Dog Legs
Chapter 10 Interrupted
Chapter 11 Which one is better at pinching peach blossoms?
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16 Strong desire to survive
Chapter 17 is such a good man!
Chapter 18 Drink more hot water
Chapter 19 The four are empty, only make money
Chapter 20 This character must be mine
Chapter 1319
Chapter 1320
Chapter 1321
Chapter 1322
Chapter 1323
Chapter 1324
Chapter 1325
Chapter 1326
Chapter 1327
Chapter 1328 My Mother Is Not My Mother
Chapter 1329
Chapter 1330
Chapter 1331 Give a hug
Chapter 1332

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