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Arg Director 导演对我下手了

Arg Director
Other Title: 导演对我下手了 / Dao yan dui wo xia shou le

Genres: Comedy, drama
Li Ya Fei
Li Ya Fei, Zhou Huan, Li Zi Yao, Zheng Ting, Xia Qiu Dong, Bian Xiang
Release Date: 
May 6, 2019
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  • Liu Bei Shi
  • Tong Gua
  • Wang Xin Ting
  • Xiang Xia
  • Patrick
  • En Na Zhu Li
  • La Mu Yang Zi
  • Yao Yang
  • Kingdom Yuen
  • Lee Kwok Lun
  • Jin Jing
  • Chen Ke Yu
  • Zhang Mao

The Director Started With Me” has assembled the original cast of “Life Started With Me”, and the cast has also added a lot of fresh blood, including Liu Beishi, Tong Gua, Wang Xinting, Xiang Xia, Patrick, and Uh Na Julie The others starred together. [3] The actor will play multiple roles in different units and chapters to show the charm of the role. As a brand new series of iQIYI vertical screen films, “The Director Started With Me” not only opened up the creativity of the script, but also summarized the well-known film and television dramas and TV show routines that audiences are familiar with, and the plot resonates well.

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