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The Three Lives of the First Princess

The Three Lives of the First Princess (Novel)
Other Name: 一世王妃三生劫

Genre: novel, romance, traveler
Author: Wuyu
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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The protagonist Su Qing Gucheng, she woke up from the bloody decay and exhausted everything to return to the dreamlike world under her pen. Unprecedented pain. There is illusion, but it made her feel the reality of the pain of the skin. The wonderful music lingering in my ears..

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When I returned to Yizhou that day, it was already in mid-April. The weather was getting warmer, and the pedestrians on the street were still tightly bound from head to toe. Several beads of sweat hung on his forehead, Su Qing held the seeds in one hand and kept fanning the wind with the other. At this time, even wearing a short sleeve became a wishful thinking——

“It seems that people still want to know good luck.”

I finally understand that short sleeves are the most beautiful clothes in the world.

Su Qing just wanted to return to Qingsu Mansion quickly, eat melon seeds leisurely, and chat with Xiangyun. Thinking of Xiangyun, I haven’t seen this girl for a month, and I still miss her. Then he thought about it, in his current situation, where would he find a day of leisure in Qingsu Mansion?

“Hey… I’m sorry I was in the Mood for Love, and I was born with three thousand troubles.” Su Qing stroked a strand of hair between her fingers, rubbed it, and then flung it back.

In fact, what Su Qing really worries about is not something that will happen to the two in Qingsu’s mansion, but the things that have happened to him recently. Looking back on it carefully, it seems that since she came into this world, weird things have followed one after another, and she seems to have been involved in a major event…

Su Qing secretly felt that it was not accidental that he came here. But for what, you can only go forward and go deeper to find the answer. It was like an invisible force pulling Su Qing into the whirlpool step by step, forcing her to be unable to stay outside.

“Prince An’s Mansion, Assassin…” Su Qing muttered, trying to connect everything he knew to see if he could find a clue.

From the assassins in the An’s Mansion to the hats, the masked women on the cliffs, to the poisoning of Nan Rong Ziyun… and Gucheng’s attitude towards Nan Rong Ziyun, what happened between them? Is it related to these things? Su Qing would think of this because Nan Rong Ziyun stayed in Gongzhou, but Gucheng didn’t believe that he was really trying to cure the disease, but was angry. Su Qing thought he left without saying goodbye because of this.

But Gucheng was not like such a childish person. The day before he left Gongzhou, he reminded Su Qing of “You are in Qingsu Mansion, be careful”, and the next day, he disappeared. Su Qing has always wondered why Er Gucheng suddenly said this to her, even though he was right.

“He must have known something…Oh!” Su Qing felt like he was hit by a ball in his abdomen, the seeds swayed twice, and Su Qing staggered back a few steps.

I swear that I will never think about it again when I walk, and take a good look at the road-Su Qing always raises four fingers to express his determination to Qingtian. Perhaps this is the punishment for talking nonsense in broad daylight.

Before she complained about someone’s little rascal playing ball on the street, she raised her eyes and saw a little broken child sitting on the ground. I swept the child all over and said “broken”, but it was really broken. There were many holes in my clothes rotten, his clean and white face was dirty, and his scattered hair was covered with a layer of dust, as if he had just rolled out of a coal pile.

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