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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 天龙八部
Also known as: Tian Long Ba Bu / 天龙八部 / 新天龙八部 / Xin Tian Long Ba Bu

Genres: Wuxia, Romance, Drama
Episodes: 50
China Mainland
Yu Rong Guang
Yuan Zi Dan (袁子弹)
CCTV, Tencent Video
Release Date:
Aug 14, 2021 – Sep 4, 2021
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  • Tony Yang as Qiao Feng
  • Bai Shu as Duan Yu
  • Zhang Tian Yang as Xu Zhu
  • Janice Man as Wang Yu Yan
  • Su Qing as Ah Zhu
  • He Hong Shan as Ah Zi
  • Gao Tai Yu as Murong Fu
  • Qiu Xin Zhi as Duan Yu Chun
  • Zeng Yi Xuan as Tianxian Laotong
  • Liu Mei Tong as Mu Wan Qing
  • Du Chun Jia as You Dan Zhi
  • Yu Rong Guang as Yelu Hongji
  • Meng Li as Li Qiu Bing
  • Sun Ya Li as Zhong Ling
  • Miao Hao Yun as Ding Chun Qiu
  • Zhu Xiao Yu as Jiu Mo Zhi
  • Huang Yi as Qin Hong Mian

The story centers around the Beggar Leader Qiao Feng, the Dali Prince Duan Yu and the Shaolin Monk Xu Zhu. Set under the reign of Emperor Zhe Zong of Song, the story revolves around the experiences of Qiao Feng, leader of the beggar clan, Duan Yu, a prince of Dali and Xu Zhu, a Shaolin monk. The three protagonists become sworn brothers during their journey in the pugilistic world.

Qiao Feng is the courageous leader of the beggar clan. Many look up to him as a hero for defending the people of Song. When Qiao Feng is accused of being of Khitan descent and labeled a traitor, he is shunned by his fellow martial artists. In Qiao Feng’s quest to clear his name, he comes to learn the truth about his identity and meets the love of his life. He also crosses paths with Dali Prince Duan Yu and Shaolin Monk Xu Zhu.

Duan Yu is a cheerful and bright young prince of Dali. Because of his peace-loving tendencies, he runs away to avoid being forced to learn martial arts but ends up inadvertently mastering powerful martial arts techniques. Successively, he meets Mu Wan Qing, Zhong Ling and falls deeply in love with Wang Yu Yan and her godlike beauty. However, Wang Yu Yan only has eyes for her cousin Murong Fu which complicates their relationship.

Shaolin Monk Xu Zhu is innately pure. After being guided by a martial arts master, he also becomes a powerful martial artist. It starts the kind-hearted monk on an adventure he never imagined for himself. Caught in the conflict between Song and Liao, three intertwining stories are brought together in a story about their heroism. Source: ChineseDrama

During the Northern Song Dynasty, the Beggar Gang Qiao Feng was accused of being a descendant of the Khitan people, and was spurned by the Central Plains martial arts people. Qiao Feng went around for verification, and during the period he became brothers with Dali’s son Duan Yu and monk Xuzhu. Qiao Feng was repeatedly framed by traitors, wrongly killed his confidante A Zhu, and sought a doctor to save A Zhu’s sister, A Zi, to Daliao, and finally broke with the Central Plains Wulin after he became the great queen of Liaonan Hospital.

The Liao sent troops to attack the Song Dynasty, but Xiao Feng did not want to be overwhelmed, and fought each other with death, finally urging the Liao and Song dynasties to make peace. Duan Yu is an open-minded and open-minded person, but he has repeatedly obtained amazing achievements in evading martial arts. He has been merciful to Mu Wanqing and Zhong Ling, but is obsessed with the immortal Wang Yuyan, but Wang Yuyan only loves his cousin Murongfu, and the three of them fall into a period of entanglement. Sorrowful love.

Xuzhu is pure and good in nature, well-informed by experts, strong in martial arts, and benevolent in karma. He has achieved a romantic relationship with Menggu and became a Xixia monk. Under the current situation of the struggle between Song and Liao, all kinds of rivers and lakes and emotional grievances are waiting for them to face. The different encounters and emotional entanglements of several people together constitute the righteous sentiment and the heroic ambition of the heroic hero.

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