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What is the difference between weight loss and fat reduction?

This meaning may seem the same but weight loss is a combination of ” reducing the overall weight of the body to lighten “, which includes weight from the body’s water, waste, food we eat, fat and muscle as well. So if we use the weighing method to determine Will notice that just a few glasses of water can be easily gained in body weight. Therefore, the numbers on the scales cannot be used as a measure of correct weight loss. But it is just an auxiliary aid to let us know the weight of the total change

The ” fat reduction ” is the most accurate weight loss. Because of the goal of exercising and controlling our diet in order to get rid of fat parts And replace it with a smaller and more compact muscle Even in the same weight ratio But with fat as a liquid, it is so large The muscles are twice as small.

The simple conclusion is that when you want to lose weight, you have to get rid of fat. Even if the weight is not reduced But if the body has more muscle than fat, friends will be able to have a proportion that is firmer and slimmer. And forget about the numbers on the scales Because some people have more muscle than fat There may be more body weight than some people with more fat and the shape looks more plump, not firmer as well.

Why do you need to build more muscle?
First of all, to find the difference between muscle cells and fat that it is different. Starting at ” fat ” is a substance that is in the body and has important functions in the various processes of the body, but excess fat is what we want to get rid of it. These fats will stick to the skin layer. Makes the shape not fitting Dangling skin Can remain without needing to use energy to maintain

But for muscles Will be a very important part for people who want to lose weight The more muscle mass The more the body burns better The food we eat will not accumulate and transform into excess fat that will cause our body weight to rise rapidly. The muscle cells will remain, so the energy must be pulled into use. The more the body moves Energy will be burned and used more.

Despite being dormant, the metabolic process will still work to burn nutrients, especially fat, than people with less muscle mass anyway. This is why we should exercise to increase muscle tone. Not trying to starve to lose weight Because what follows is the fat that remains But what is lost is our precious muscle instead.

Steps for exercise! Exercise to get results with a lower proportion and beautiful muscles that can be shaped exercise which is divided into 2 types as:

  1. Cardio exercise that helps burn away body fat Is the same type as aerobics But is different in the weight of the play The cardio is divided into 4 levels. The strength compared to the heart rate is Low Intensity , Medium Intensity , High Intensity and the last one is Extra High Intensity.

Aerobics is a general exercise that does not emphasize much weight. Play according to the condition of the body that can be played But both types are also useful in exercise Depending on the aptitude of anyone who chooses. It also draws oxygen into energy combustion as well. If you don’t think much Cardio and aerobics are the same type of exercise. This type of exercise has many advantages. Helping to burn energy, fat and carbohydrates away Makes the food we eat does not accumulate and transform into excess fat that will be stored in an emergency according to the body’s survival Until the weight gain It also helps strengthen the heart and lung muscles. Increase endurance and help stimulate the circulatory system and less tired.

2. Vet Training is one of the more popular exercise styles. But in the past, it seems that this type of exercise is only popular among male muscle groups or that we call bodybuilders only. Makes us remember the wrong image that the training magic for most girls who, when released, will make the body big, hard, have arms, legs, muscles as a bundle, which is not something that women in modern values ​​with small and thin shapes want. But in reality ” Vedicism is a” necessary ” exercise for anyone who wants to lose weight. Women don’t have to fear that their muscles are big as a bundle, because in women there is little testosterone. The opportunity to build muscle in size as a bodybuilder requires a lot of effort and patience.”It’s easy to compare that the size in the male bodybuilders who want to have big muscles also takes time and discipline to play hard. Therefore, please understand that playing magic does not cause any limbs to rise which its advantages when playing alongside cardio is help the body to have more muscle. Unlike playing cardio alone, for example, while we run on the track The body will draw energy from fat. But when the play is stopped, it immediately stops burning. Unlike playing magic. After stopping, the body can continue to burn energy. Even if sitting or lying down.

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