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9 Ways to Care for Your Dry Skin

Ways to Care for Your Dry Skin Method are as follows as:

1. Avoid causing the skin to become dry which has many reasons as mentioned above such as refrain from being exposed to the sun and always using sunscreen, using a moisturizer with antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin E and glucosamine which will help prevent some skin damage from sunlight, refrain from smoking, drugs, alcohol because of harmful substances to destroy cells. Free radicals cause aging and may be more easily infected with diseases, not drinking tea or coffee more than 2 glasses per day because it will cause the cells to lose water.

2. Eat for five groups Foods that contain various vitamins, minerals should eat fruits and vegetables. For the body to receive fiber which will be good for the digestive system Nutrients derived from eating healthy foods will help prevent cell membranes from being destroyed by oxidation processes such as foods that contain vitamin C, vitamin E and various minerals. If we eat naturally Complete 5 groups, do not need to find supplements to eat together.

3. Not fasting, incomplete food, nutritional principles and calorie restriction with fasting. Not good for skin health Because it causes loose muscles and muscles lacking firmness and stability The skin lacks strong stability. And also cause other problems that occur with the skin, such as vitamin B2 deficiency, vitamin B6, niacin, zinc. With redness on the skin, etc.

4. Should drink plenty of water each day. You should drink 6-8 glasses of water a day by drinking continuously throughout the day. Drinking water should be clean water. To help moisturize the skin Because water is a component of every cell that works well. Makes the skin look moist and firm The water also helps eliminate waste through sweat and kidneys. And water is also the most necessary nutrient that the body needs to bring back to compensate after exercising and doing activities as well.

5. Exercise regularly Exercise will cause sweating. And at the same time helps retain the moisture of the skin from stimulating the fat production glands Exercise helps maintain healthy skin and maintains skin moisture. It also helps increase blood circulation. Which will help make your skin look more radiant and radiant But if there is not enough time, you may do other general activities instead, such as car washing, gardening, etc.

6. Get enough sleep because while you sleep The body will release hormones, accelerate the repair of wear and tear on the body, including the skin (Growt hormone), and adequate sleep also helps to reduce dark circles and prevent bags under the eyes.

7. Skin nourishing food that eating healthy foods directly affects our body. If we choose to eat foods that are beneficial, the body and skin health will be good as well. Let’s see what foods are beneficial to health and have a positive effect on the skin. Anyone who likes any type of food can recruit to eat to add beauty from the inside to the outside such as Bananas, Raspberry, Cranberry, Papaya, Mangosteen, Red grapes, Avocado, Pumpkin, Licorice, Green tea, Cucumbers, Aloe Vera, Honey, Mint, Ginkgo biloba, Lavender oil, Red seaweed.

8. Drinking herbal tea for healthy skin such as Raghd tea, Chetat tea, Yanang Daeng red tea, Boraphet tea, Tiger power tea, Kamaeng tea, White flower tea grass, Cat’s nest tea, Stevia tea, Chapawaw tea, Anda tea Bandits, Ganoderma lucidum tea, Jiaogulan tea, Bael tea, Green tea, Black tea, Mulberry tea, Ginkgo leaf tea, Centella asiatica, Safflower tea, Roselle flower tea, etc. This will help to make good health and skin Up to.

9. Use skin cream or body lotion that provides moisture every morning and evening. The composition of most moisturizing creams or lotions consists of oil, water and additives that are added to help separate the water and oil. If the component has more water than oil, it is called ” lotion ” but if there is more oil than it is called ” cream ” (the lotion will suit the oily skin The cream will be suitable for dry skin). It will keep moisture in a thin layer of oil, making the skin dry and wrinkled. Various moisturizing ingredients include petroleum jelly, lanolin, stearic acid, lactic acid, urea mineral oil, squarine, natural oils, essential oils etc.

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