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He Li Hua Ting 鹤唳华亭 (Novel)

He Li Hua Ting 鹤唳华亭 (Novel)
Also known as: He Wei Huating / Royal Nirvana

Genre: novel
China Mainland
by Xue Man Liang Yuan (雪满梁园)
2008, 2014
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Wu Yujin, a young man and a young man, under one person, above the people. When the young lost, the brothers smashed the wall, the father and the son were jealous, and the monarchs turned their backs. Under the power, what can he rely on? What is your love between hate? Meeting you is not what I want. If you have already met, please ask for a light to illuminate this beautiful embroidered hell. At that time, maybe I can join you in the Spring Festival and join Nanshan. Go see the peanut trees and watch the crowds fly. Listen to the sound of the cranes, watch them smash the glass of water, and fly into the sky.

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