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Wudang One Sword

Wudang One Sword (Novel)
Other Name: 武当一剑

Genre: Martial Arts, Novels
Author: Liang Yusheng
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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“Wudang One Sword” is the closed-end work of Liang Yusheng’s martial arts novels. It was serialized in “Ta Kung Pao·Fiction Forest” from 1980 to 1983, but it was later published for some reason and one-third of the content was deleted. Important figures are deleted. The novel uses a fifteen-year unsolved case as a clue to unfold the plot, telling the legendary experience of Geng Yujing, a member of the Wudang School in the late Ming Dynasty.

In the last years of the Ming Dynasty, the Jin Dynasty rose outside the Guan and looked at the Daming Jiangshan within the Guan. The Ming court was corrupt, and the martial arts knights headed by the two lakes heroes He Qiwu became an important force in the fight against Houjin. He Qiwu is the leader of Wudang lay disciples, and he is famous. His daughter He Yuyan fell in love with his second disciple Geng Jingshi and eloped with Geng in Liaodong a year ago. Late that night, Geng Jingshi and He Yuyan, who had been away from home for a year, were about to go home for a childbirth.

Unexpectedly, they became unpredictable and He Qiwu was killed. All suspicions point to Geng Jingshi. He Qiwu’s first protégé, Ge Zhenjun, killed Geng Jingshi, and He Yuyan committed suicide after giving birth to her son named Geng Yujing. And this night Wudang Chief Elder Wuji Daoist was also murdered to death. Ge Zhenjun adopted Geng Yujing and entrusted him to his friends Lan Kaoshan and his wife, who changed his name to Lan Yujing. At the same time, Yujing was accepted as a righteous son, and he brought him to study art.

Fifteen years have passed in no time, and I am also successful in learning arts, but I am afraid that Lan Yujing will know his own life and avenge him. When teaching martial arts, he passed on the specious martial arts to Lan Yujing, but at this time there is no real person. The first disciple, not the commander of the precepts, was also killed outside. At the end of his life, Wuxiang Zhenren made two unexpected decisions. One was to recruit Wu Canglang, a lay disciple of the Wudang Sect, and a Zhongzhou hero, Mou Canglang, to become a monk.

He gave the Taoist name to an unknown person and immediately passed him on as the head of Wudang. The decision aroused dissatisfaction with the chief elder Wuliang Dao Master and Wu Qi Dao Master . It turned out that thirty-six years ago, Kunlun sent Dao Master Xuan Zhenzi and his apprentice to Tianming to go to Wudang Mountain to compare swords with Jin Guangzhen, the head of Wudang at that time. After the Wuxiang Daoist defeated Xuan Zhenzi, Xuan Zhenzi’s disciples told Tianming that Yicheng would go up the mountain to compete with swords again.

Now that thirty-six years have passed, Xiang Tianming has already made his name as a “sword saint” in the martial arts. Whether he can meet Xiang Tianming’s challenge will be a major issue before the new head. On this day, one person claimed to have run into the mountains under the Kunlun school, and was defeated by an anonymous real person, but he was just Xiang’s apprentice Dongfang Liang. The second thing that Wuxiang Zhenren dies is to send his beloved disciple Lan Yujing down the mountain and teach him the secrets of swordsmanship, ask Lan to go to Shaolin Temple to find Master Hui Ke and ask him to accompany Lan Yujing to the seven-star swordsman Guo Donglai in Liaodong.

This matter concealed the undifferentiated master of Lan’s master and foster father, which made him deeply disturbed. At this time, the new head of the Wuming Zhenren also sent his son Mou Yiyu down the mountain to look for Lan Yujing, in case the Jianpu cheats handed over to Lan by the Wuxiang Zhenren would fall into the enemy’s hands.

After Lan Yujing descended the mountain according to the master’s request, he drove on the road and learned the sword spectrum and mental method that the master gave him. The scum of the rivers and lakes, Chang Wuniang, waits for an opportunity to intercept others, and is rescued by Dongfang Liang. The two sides learned from each other’s swordsmanship, and each benefited a lot. Dongfang Liang deliberately steals the art, but Lan Yujing has amazing savvy and progresses faster than Dongfang Liang. After several adventures, Lan Yujing’s swordsmanship has reached great success, and he has entered a very high state of “from nothing to nothing, from nothing to something”.

At the same time, after Lan Yujing found Master Hui Ke, the two went to Liaodong together. After some experience, Lan Yujing gradually understood his life experience and knew that his real name was Geng Yujing, but Master Hui Ke was murdered on the way. The unresolved mystery in the year added another life, but the mystery that year was also uncovered step by step. Geng Jingshi is not a murderer, nor a traitor, but who is the real murderer? It turned out that thirty years ago, five young masters appeared in the martial arts, collectively known as the “Little Five Righteousness”.

Some of them are knights, some are thieves, and some are between evil and righteousness. Including Guo Donglai, a seven-star swordsman in Liaodong, Master Hui Ke who lives in Shaolin, Wang Huiwen, a deaf-mute Taoist who serves by Wuxiang Zhenren, and Dongfang Liang’s father Dongfang Xiao and his uncle Ximenmu. Later, a Zhongzhou hero, Mou Canglang, came up with the same name as the first five. But the grievances of the five people and their choices in their lives eventually led to an unsettled and murderous case fifteen years ago.

Geng Yujing eventually became a magic sword. On the way back to the mountain, his adoptive parents, Lan Paoshan and his foster father, were assassinated one after another. The deaf and dumb Taoist Wang Huiwen who has always loved him turned out to be a spy, and Yujing was hit physically and mentally. On the death day of Wuxiang Zhenren, the Juggernaut challenged Tianming up the mountain, Yujing rose up and defeated Xiang Tianming, and became famous in one fell swoop. And then a series of mysteries were slowly solved.

The culprits were Wang Huiwen and Ximen Mu. Wang Huiwen had taken refuge in Houjin early and conspired to kill the righteous martial artist, while Ximen Mu and Mou Canglang suspended their lives for revenge due to a period of personal grievances. The righteous man became a victim. These people died one by one, and their grievances matched each other. Geng Yujing was entrusted by Mrs. Ximen on her deathbed, and took her lover Ximenyan to the Kanto Ranger.

A few years later, he assassinated Nurhache on the battlefield and attacked the Houjin forces. Dongfang Liang obtained the Wudang swordsmanship and the ranger. Jianghu, and Mou Yiyu became the new head of Wudang, making Wudang faction prosperous. The three “Wudang One Sword” are famous all over the world at the same time.

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