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The greatest license plate from Australian

Meet Fatty secretly sneaking into the story of motor vehicles from every corner of the world. Today, I would like to present Beautiful number plate Which is something that not many car owners have carefully selected Specific numbers and pleasant letters Whether it is a single number, sorting auspicious, or the number that matches the car model Or the year of the car to be paired with their own car, which the Department of Land Transport Have the opportunity to be able to book a favorite number on the internet on their own without the cost But if it is a lucky number, such as a single number, numbered number, can be auctioned The proceeds from the auction of the sign will go to the Office of the Royal Development Projects Board (the Fund for Safety in the Use of Road Vehicles) to be used as a funding to subsidize the accident reduction program of the Department of Land Transport. It is also a cost of equipment to help people with disabilities from road accidents.

The popularity of beautiful signs, auspicious numbers, straight numbers, this car model is not only in our home. In foreign countries, it is also popular, such as in Hong Kong, the license plate number 168 is popular because in Chinese it sounds like the word Accepting property only People playing beautiful signs In that country Does not end with numbers in numbers, especially in countries that use Roman characters that sometimes mix numbers with letters Will look similar to the words or sentences that either pleases or tears ) Which should have attracted a millionaire teenager who had driven Lambeau Guinea.

But the level of playing with a license plate, also known as personalized plates, has also been elevated to many levels, especially in Queensland, northeast of Australia, on the 1st of March. PPQ or Personal Plate Queensland, Queensland government agency Has allowed car owners to add emoticons called emojis as part of the license plate After the past, there have been various color registration plates, including floor colors and numbers, such as black letters, gold, or pink, black, or even patterned signs of the local rugby team you love.

The emoji symbol in this first phase is open to choose from 5 types as follows: 1. Laugh until tears (LOL) 2. Winking eyes 3. Sunglasses (Sunglasses) 4. Eyes are heart shaped (Heart Eyes and 5. Smiley Face (Smiley Face), which can choose a character that identifies your identity. And choosing numbers and letters is not difficult Ie, there must be no more than 3 letters and no more than 2 numbers in any position And if interested, pay between 160-500 Australian dollars or 3,600-11, 200 baht (of course, the house, the sign that mixes the letters into popular words Can sell at a very high price as well) in addition to having to pay the bill for the first time If using this special sign in the following years, it will have to pay the annual fee as well. It can be seen that the signage is not a play, but can be a serious income-generating business for the state. Even the most hilarious emoji It is still possible in this world. Maybe not. Some day we may have something like this.

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