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Strawberry Night Saga ストロベリーナイト・サーガ (2019)

Strawberry Night Saga ストロベリーナイト・サーガ (2019)
Also known as: ストロベリーナイト・サーガ / Sutoroberīnaito sāga

Genres: Mystery, Drama, Detective, Investigation
Ishikawa Junichi
Tokunaga Yuichi, Seki Erika
Fuji TV
Release Date:
Apr 11, 2019
Related Show:
Strawberry Night (Japanese parent story)

Nikaido Fumi as Himekawa Reiko
Kamenashi Kazuya as Kikuta Kazuo
Eguchi Yosuke as Katsumata Kensaku
Shigeoka Daiki as Otsuka Shinji
Kai Shishido as Ishikura Tamotsu
Nakabayashi Taiki as Yuda Kouhei
Hayama Shono as Hayama Noriyuki
Konno Hiroki as Ioka Hiromitsu
Kikuchi Momoko as Himekawa Mizue

Himekawa Reiko became an assistant inspector with the Tenth Homicide Section at the young age of 27 even though she was not on the career track. As the only female section chief in the First Investigative Division, she leads Team Himekawa, armed with her intuition, dramatic ideas and energy, and has solved many challenging cases. Her older subordinate Kikuta Kazuo , a sergeant, is initially skeptical of her when he is transferred to the team. However, he gradually comes to realise her competence and charm, and special feelings begin to grow. Reiko’s nemesis is Katsumata Kensaku , an assistant inspector with the Fifth Homicide Section. Although he boasts an overwhelming lead in the number of arrests, his illegal investigation methods have also drawn suspicion.

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