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Global Zombie Awakening

Global Zombie Awakening
Other Name: 全球丧尸觉醒

Genre: novel, Science, Fiction
Author: Bai Yuqiu
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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The former Xiao Ke is A humble refugee. Even though Xiao Ke was the lowest-level person at that time, Xiao Ke still did not give up his dream, that is, to be a god of war, and one day his dream came true. Since then, the empire has lost a humble one. Of refugees, but there is another God of War who rises up bravely…

Free Reading Highlights:
Although the centurion and the soldiers understood the meaning of the commander, this kind of direct obliteration of the refugee camps infected with the virus has been heard from time to time, but they are indeed the first time for this group of soldiers to do this kind of thing, everyone still It’s a bit embarrassing, because killing all these people who are only likely to be infected with the virus is really a bit impossible.

The commander has already shouted sharply at this moment: “It’s good if you understand. This is the last time I will explain to you. If anyone dares to question my order next time, he will directly resist the order. Now, raise your gun and shoot! “

The centurions bite the bullet and ordered their men: “Ready to shoot!”

The soldiers clattered up their weapons and began to aim their guns at the hundreds of refugees in front of them. However, their expressions and movements were a bit hesitant. Obviously, they had not fully made up their minds to kill these refugees.

At this moment, the refugees are already wailing and crying desperately.

Xiao Ke, a refugee who is also about to be executed, knew at this moment that death was imminent, and now only if he fights hard, he may have a little chance of survival, so he suddenly shouted: “We are not zombies, we don’t. Infected with the virus, they will kill us all. Everyone fights with them and rushes out to have a chance to survive.”

No one is willing to stand in place and wait for the shooting. Many of the refugees have already thought of trying desperately to break through and escape, but they just haven’t gathered the courage.

Xiao Ke’s shout instantly ignited everyone’s desire to survive, and immediately everyone roared and shouted. Some went crazy and rushed towards the imperial warriors not far away, but many ignored them. All the break-through and escape, a swarm of scattered.


Immediately, gunshots broke out. In an instant, hundreds of refugees were killed on the spot, but a few refugees rushed in front of the imperial fighters and wrestled with them with bare hands.

But how could ordinary people be opponents of imperial fighters, and they were quickly beheaded.

However, during the chaos, the imperial fighters were worried that they would accidentally injure their opponents, so they did not dare to shoot in a wide range. This also led to a small number of people who took the opportunity to break through, and dozens of people ran across the wilderness.

“Oh shit!”

The commander standing on the armed off-road vehicle saw Xiao Ke successfully break through with dozens of refugees. He blew out a swear word and pulled the machine gun on the roof of the car himself, and shot the fleeing figure in the distance. .

In an instant, the refugees who had run five or six hundred meters away were all swept down.

The machine gun in the commander’s hand ceased fire, and his face was also proud of it.

But at this moment, a refugee who had already fallen, got up again in a grunt, and continued to flee towards the distance.

This person was Xiao Ke. When Xiao Ke heard the machine gun sounded behind him, he immediately rushed forward without hesitation, and when the machine gun stopped, he had already got up again and fled. At this time, he had already escaped 800 meters away. Up.

Such a long distance, for machine guns, is already difficult to aim.

“Cunning rabbit!” The commander snorted coldly, and moved to the hands of the men beside him. The men beside him knew, and immediately handed him the sniper rifle on his back.

Qianfu stood upright with a long waist, leveled his sniper rifle, and began to aim at Xiao Ke who was running away on the ZigZag route in the distance. Within one kilometer, this is the best shooting range for this imperial standard sniper rifle. The muzzle of the commander was moving with Xiao Ke’s figure, the sight was locked on Xiao Ke, and his mouth slowly said, “The time to test the technology is here… …Lie down!”

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