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Having you in my life 一路上有你 Episode 9 Recap

Ding Jun had to cover Zhang Fan and stared at Zhang Weidong. Zhang Weidong ran out in a hurry when he heard that Zhang Fan was going to go through the withdrawal procedures. Before Zhang Fan signed it, he grabbed the agreement and tore it off. He must finish Zhang Fan’s four-year university donation. . Of course Zhang Fan wants to go to school, but at home, how can she go to school with peace of mind. Zhang Weidong was so anxious to find a job immediately.

Zhang Weiqiang said after hearing that he would no longer go to school, and went out to find a job. Chi Xiaojie stayed by Zhang’s father’s bed all night, and accidentally touched Zhang’s father’s oxygen breathing tube while dozing off, and Zhang Weiqiang wanted to take her to the police station regardless of black and white.

Chi Xiaojie quickly explained, but Zhang Weiqiang believed that Chi Xiaojie was deliberate. At this time, Zhang Weidong jumped out and said that there was no filial son in front of the bed for a long time, and Chi Xiaojie would definitely be lack of energy. He also said that Chi Xiaojie should not come to Zhang’s house again in the future, and that she was a waste of help.

Chi Xiaojie was very self-blame about going to the company to resign to take care of Zhang’s father, but Zhang Weidong still wanted to drive Chi Xiaojie away. When everyone dispersed, Chi Xiaojie saw Zhang Weidong’s unwillingness to believe that he was very distressed, and Zhang Weidong took the opportunity to break up. Chi Xiaojie broke down and cried bitterly, and Zhang Weidong was crying after closing the door. He couldn’t drag Chi Xiaojie down.

Chi Xiaojie returned home desperately, and Chi’s mother sang happily when she learned about it. Chi Xiaojie helped the company save the field, and Mr. Long handed over important documents to Chi Xiaojie. The person who was reprimanded laughed at Chi Xiaojie’s position on his face. Mr. Long was very angry when he heard it. The crowd affirmed Chi Xiaojie’s ability to work, and fired the manager. President Long sent Chi Xiaojie home. Chi Mu accidentally saw this scene and asked Chi Xiaojie gossiping about who it was. Obviously, she hoped that Chi Xiaojie would go to climb Gaozhi.

Mother Ding introduced an old Chinese doctor. Zhang Weidong wanted to take Zhang’s father to see him. Even if he was out of town, he would also go, and Zhang Fan had asked for leave from the school to go with him. Zhang Weidong and Zhang Fan took Zhang’s father to the train station. Zhang Weiqiang hurried to the train station when he learned that the three of them had already boarded the train.

Zhang Weidong carried Zhang’s father all the way to seek medical advice and take care of him. In order to practice acupuncture and moxibustion, Zhang Weidong put his arm into a sieve. President Long lied that there was a meeting and went to take Chi Xiaojie back to his home. Chi Xiaojie felt that it was very inappropriate, but President Long took her into the house. It turned out that Long always specially celebrated Chi Xiaojie’s birthday. .

Chi Xiaojie was very moved, and thanked Mr. Long for seeing the flowers and the huge cake. President Long hoped that Chi Xiaojie would give herself a chance to compete fairly. Chi Xiaojie pretended not to understand. After President Long said it was broken, she had to say that she only regarded President Long as the boss, and said that she and Zhang Weidong had a good relationship.

Zhang Weidong gave Zhang’s father a needle under the guidance of the old Chinese doctor, and Zhang Weidong was very nervous. The old Chinese doctor said that Zhang’s father’s condition was stable, and asked him to take his father home for a good treatment. Zhang Weidong was also considered a disciple. Zhang Weidong took Zhang’s father down the mountain and accidentally fell on the hillside. Seeing that Zhang’s father was about to fall to the stone, Zhang Weidong slammed to block Zhang’s father, and his back was hit by the stone. Zhang Weiqiang and Zhang Fan waited at the foot of the mountain, but did not see Zhang Weidong.

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