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Having you in my life 一路上有你 Episode 8 Recap

Zhang Weiqiang refused to let Zhang’s father go home. Zhang Fan went to the hospital to see if Zhang’s father was not going home quickly. Seeing Zhang Weiqiang’s stubborn and savage appearance, Zhang Weidong directly pushed Zhang Weiqiang aside and pushed Zhang’s father back home. Chi Xiaojie took care of Zhang’s father very carefully, but Zhang Fan said that she did not need to take care of her, so Chi Xiaojie had no choice but to cook.

Zhang Weidong asked Zhang Fan to study well in college, but Zhang Fan was angry and refused to let him control. Feng Qian said that his partner had obtained the internal information of Huanggang Middle School and was still raising money. Zhang Weidong had an idea for a pre-sale. Everyone in the factory came to book, and Zhang Weidong was very busy.

When Chi’s mother learned that Chi Xiaojie was serving Zhang’s father at Zhang’s house, she was very unwilling, so Chi’s father hurriedly pulled her to prevent her from causing trouble. Mr. Long’s special concern made Chi Xiaojie add a lot of rumors. Mr. Long saw that she was not in the state and wanted to give her a holiday, but Chi Xiaojie quickly refused. Father Chi and Mother Chi found that Chi Xiaojie was washing the sheets and they were so angry that they went to Zhang’s family to make trouble.

Zhang Weiqiang and her broke up, accidentally knocked over the water glass and burned him to Zhang’s father. Zhang Weiqiang was even more anxious to see this. If someone didn’t come in and fight, Chi Mu would have to be killed. Zhang Weiqiang saw Zhang Weidong not pleasing to his eyes, and Zhang Fan scolded him, and even called Zhang Weidong’s eldest brother, which moved Zhang Weidong very much.

Zhang Weidong was caught by the law enforcement team when he was setting up a stall. When he learned that he was going to be fined, he had to concentrate on studying Zhang Weidong and quickly interceded. The other party learned that his family was very reasonable and asked him to put the book away. Feng Qian took the money and ran away. Zhang Weidong didn’t know how to explain to the neighbors, Chi Xiaojie comforted him to start all over again.

Zhang Weidong went to door to door to refund money and apologize. Some were reasonable, while others looked unhappy. When Zhang Fan learned about this, he hurriedly stepped forward to comfort Zhang Weidong, but Zhang Weiqiang watched the excitement on the sidelines. Zhang Fan quickly stopped.

Zhang Weidong also wanted to earn more money for the two of them to earn tuition. Zhang Weiqiang took a mouthful of a broomstick, but Zhang Weidong couldn’t be angry. After all, he owed Zhang’s family. Zhang Fan knew why Zhang Weiqiang was unwilling to understand Zhang Weidong. Although Zhang Weidong’s fault was not his intention, it made Zhang Weiqiang lose his childhood which should have been happy. Zhang Fan saw Zhang Weidong’s changes, and at this moment, she felt the warmth from home again.

Father Ding gave Zhang Weidong some money, and Zhang Weidong finally accepted it. When Zhao Yong saw Zhang Weiqiang drunk, he asked him to ask Chi Xiaojie for money, but Zhang Weidong said that he had a way to get the factory to pay for it, but Zhao Yong had to help him, and Zhao Yong agreed. Zhang Weiqiang and Zhao Yong carried Zhang’s father to the factory gate and yelled outside the factory. Chi’s father had to go and talk to Zhang Weiqiang. When Zhang Weidong learned that Zhang’s father and Zhang Weiqiang were gone, he hurried to look for them, and hurried to the factory when he learned that Zhang Weiqiang was making trouble in the factory.

Father Chi said that he had distributed the relief fund in accordance with the regulations and handed it to Zhang Weidong. However, Zhang Weiqiang asked for money like a ruffian, and Father Chi was helpless. Zhang Weidong hurriedly wanted to take Zhang’s father home. Seeing Zhang Weiqiang’s appearance, he was very helpless, and the two almost fought. Zhang Fan rushed to stop Zhang Weiqiang from continuing to make trouble, and brought Zhang’s father home. Zhao Yong was still stimulating Zhang Weiqiang. Zhang Weiqiang picked up a rock and smashed the factory. Chi Mu hurriedly called the police.

Zhang Weidong and Zhang Fan were worried when they learned that Zhang Weiqiang was in trouble again, and they found that Chi Xiaojie was leading Zhang Weiqiang back when they were about to go out. Zhang Weidong brought back a list of night school newspapers. Chi Xiaojie was very happy, and the two encouraged each other. Chi Xiaojie found that Zhang’s father was breathing heavily and quickly called Zhang Weidong. Zhang Weidong quickly went to the doctor, but the doctor refused to carry it on his back and carried him home.

Fortunately, Father Zhang had nothing to do and was a false alarm. Chi’s father almost fainted on the road. Zhang Weidong rushed him to the hospital after meeting him. Zhang Weidong hoped Chi’s father would help him persuade Chi Xiaojie. He didn’t want to drag her anymore, but Chi’s father said that he respected the choice of the two and hoped that Zhang Weidong could Respect Chi Xiaojie. Zhang Fan wanted to quit school. Ding Jun hurried in to stop him when he heard it, but Zhang Fan seemed to have made up his mind to quit school to take care of Zhang’s father, not wanting Chi Xiaojie to interfere with the family affairs.

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