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Having you in my life 一路上有你 Episode 7 Recap

Chi Xiaojie persuaded Zhang Weidong to ignore the gossip, she didn’t care about those, only Zhang Weidong. Zhang Weidong had to agree to let her rest and go out by herself. Zhang Weidong went to set up a book stand again. Chi Xiaojie was very unhappy after seeing it, afraid that someone would tell Mr. Long that he had lost his job. However, Zhang Weidong felt that he could not eat and wait for death in the company, and set up a book stand to support himself, and he would be useless if he continued.

Chi Xiaojie was not angry, but instead helped him set up a book stand and persuaded Zhang Weidong to read books to enrich himself. Zhang Weidong was very upset when he heard from the company that Long always kept Chi Xiaojie in the company to keep him. Chi Xiaojie accidentally broke the coffee, and Mr. Long cared for her to check it. Zhang Weidong, who was passing by, was even more sad to see.

When he got home, Zhang Weidong complained about Long Chief, and Chi Xiaojie hoped that Zhang Weidong would keep his heart stable and make some achievements. Zhang Weidong had to agree. Mother Ding pushed the pancake stall home and met Chi Mu. When Chi Mu heard that Zhang Weidong had entered Chi Xiaojie’s company, she immediately went to look for her. Zhang’s father and Chi’s mother asked Zhang’s father and Zhang Weidong why they asked Chi Xiaojie to help him find a job and scolded him to eat soft food. Chi Xiaojie quickly explained to Zhang’s father.

Zhang’s father was irritated and ordered Zhang Weidong to resign and will go to the sports car with him tomorrow. Like Mother Chi’s vixen, he took Chi Xiaojie home, and Zhang’s father said, even if he starved to death, he would not ask the Chi family.

Zhang’s father and Zhang Weidong went to a sports car together, but someone loaded a lot of goods on the car in order to improve efficiency. On the way, Zhang’s father felt that there was something wrong with the car, and Zhang Weidong found out that the goods were over half. Zhang’s father hurriedly went back to settle the accounts, but found that the brakes failed.

Under the crisis, Zhang’s father told Zhang Weidong to jump out of the car, and he and the truck rolled over on the side of the road. Zhang Weidong desperately tried to rescue Zhang’s father, and finally smashed the glass and sent him to the rescue room. Zhang Weidong waited anxiously outside and cried very worried.

When Father Chi and Father Ding learned that Father Zhang had been in a car accident, they went to the factory and said that Father Chi was also busy calling Chi Xiaojie. Mother Chi and Mother Ding asked if Chi Xiaojie and Zhang Weidong had met. Father Ding ran back to take the money and said that Father Zhang had been in a car accident. Zhang Weiqiang came to Zhang Fan to borrow money. He thought about tuition, and hurried to the hospital when he learned that something happened to Zhang’s father. Zhang Weiqiang learned that Zhang Weidong and Zhang’s father were questioning Zhang Weidong in a car. After a long time, Zhang Fan yelled at him.

Fortunately, Zhang’s father was finally out of danger. The owner of the traffic team came to give Zhang Weiqiang and Zhang Fan some money, and said that it was Zhang Weidong’s idea to run fast, which caused the overloading and the car accident. Zhang Weidong was very angry. He hadn’t made that idea a long time ago. He was so angry that he pulled Lu boss’s collar to question, but in the end he signed the word. Chi Xiaojie and Ding’s family hurriedly pulled together. Zhang Weiqiang was even more upset when he saw Chi Xiaojie. Chi Fu said that he came on behalf of the factory.

Chi Xiaojie stayed to persuade Zhang Weidong, but Zhang Weiqiang and Zhang Fan called her a vixen. Chi’s mother was unwilling to hear this. The doctor hurriedly stopped. Zhang’s father was still in the intensive care unit. Pulling Chi Xiaojie away. The doctor said that Zhang’s father was likely to become a vegetable. Zhang Weiqiang and Zhang Fan cried in front of the bed. When Zhang Weidong collapsed, Zhang Weiqiang punched him and was scolded by the two. Zhang Weidong knelt down heavily and kowtowed to Zhang’s father, leaving helplessly. Chi Xiaojie stayed at the entrance of the hospital. Ding Jun came to find Zhang Weidong standing on the top of the hospital.

The two hurried to the top floor, Zhang Weidong was very self-blame by Zhang Weiqiang’s words that harmed the whole family, and he scolded himself as a sinner. Chi Xiaojie scolded Zhang Weidong as a coward, but Zhang Weidong had no face to return to Zhang’s house! Chi Xiaojie and Ding Jun were so angry that they wanted to jump down with Zhang Weidong, and Zhang Weidong finally calmed down. Chi Xiaojie knew that Zhang Weidong had been suffering for so many years, but he could not escape. Zhang Weidong cried bitterly. He didn’t know what he had to do to accept him. Chi Xiaojie quickly comforted that she would accompany Zhang Weidong, no matter how painful it was.

The doctor advised Zhang’s father to go home for treatment and medication. Zhang Weiqiang thought it would be better to be in the hospital, but they were already in arrears. Zhang Fan agreed to be discharged. Zhang Weiqiang felt that Zhang Weidong was doing this to save money. Zhang Weidong was very helpless. They already owed more than 40,000.

Zhang Weiqiang was unwilling to let Zhang’s father be discharged from the hospital, and said sarcastically that Zhang Weidong was greedy for money and killed him, and Zhang Weidong was anxious and almost beat him. Chi Xiaojie took out his savings to Zhang Weidong, and Zhang Weidong naturally couldn’t take it. No matter how much Zhang Weiqiang made trouble, he had to take Zhang’s father home. The two took Zhang’s father back home while Zhang Weiqiang was not in the hospital.

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