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Having you in my life 一路上有你 Episode 6 Recap

Zhao Yong gave Zhang Weidong a job as a cleaner, and Zhang’s father was forced to be laid off. The laid-off workers were very upset. Zhang Fan was very happy to receive the scholarship. Chi Xiaojie also cooked a lot of dishes, and everyone sat down to eat. Zhang’s father wanted to quit drinking, and in order to send Zhang Fan to college, he also announced that he had been laid off. Zhang Weiqiang asked if it was made by the Chi family. He also said that he had only one brother called Xiaodi, and no sister-in-law, so he just threw his hands away and stopped eating.

Zhang Weidong worked hard in Zhao Yong’s shop, but Zhao Yong and others were deliberately looking for faults. Zhang Weidong saw the overturned dishes and felt it was a waste. The person in charge of the back cook asked him to do the work for him, so Zhang Weidong could take these dishes back to eat. Yes, Zhang Weidong readily agreed. Zhang Fan went home for dinner and saw the big fish and meat on the table very disdainful. Zhang Weiqiang also mocked and said that he had stolen it.

Chi Xiaojie hurriedly ended the game. Zhang Weidong discovered that Zhao Yong had counted the leftovers he took back on his head, and his salary was somehow deducted. Zhang Weidong was so angry that he wanted to beat Zhao Yong. Chi Xiaojie came to pick him up and saw the scene quickly opened. Zhao Yong still shamelessly pulled Chi Xiaojie as a gangster. Zhang Weidong gave him two punches and pulled Chi Xiaojie away.

Zhang Weidong was drinking depressed, Ding Jun quickly persuaded him to introduce him to a job another day. Ding Jun took Zhang Weidong to a factory. The director said that he needed security. Zhang Weidong confessed that he had made some small mistakes. Ding Jun quickly said that he had entered because of a fight, otherwise the job would be bad. Zhang Weiqiang took Zhao Yong to Zhang Weidong’s factory. Zhao Yong deliberately made trouble and clashed with Zhang Weidong. Zhao Yong immediately shouted Zhang Weidong’s identity as a rapist outside the factory, and Zhang Weiqiang was very happy watching him. Zhang Weidong quickly apologized to the director and resigned.

Zhang Weidong met his friend Feng Qian in prison at a small bookstand on the roadside. He asked for a book related to navigation. Of course, this book was pirated. At night, Zhang Weidong thought about Feng Qian over and over again. Set up a stall. Ding Li dressed in a non-mainstream dress and complained that Mother Ding was too idle at home. Everyone began to think about what Ding could do to relieve their boredom.

At first, Mother Ding was embarrassed to sell pancakes, but when the three of them persuaded her, she had some thoughts. Zhang Weidong found Feng Qian and said that he wanted to sell books with him, and Feng Qian also promised that this was not illegal. Ding Jun was worried about Zhang Weidong when he learned that Zhang Weidong was going to sell books, but Zhang Weidong felt that he had a clear conscience and was not ashamed. It didn’t matter how much he was wronged as long as he supported the family.

Zhang Weidong introduced that Ding Jun and Feng Qian met, and the two almost fought. President Long gave Chi Xiaojie great trust. Chi Xiaojie heard that the company’s freight department was short of staff and quickly recommended her boyfriend Zhang Weidong. President Long heard that his boyfriend was a little dazed, but agreed to Chi Xiaojie.

Zhang Fan decided to move home from the school dormitory in order to save money. Of course, Zhang Weidong was unwilling, but Zhang Fan had a great resentment against Zhang Weidong. He didn’t want to listen to him, and didn’t want to burden his family. Ding Jun told Zhang Weidong Chi Xiaojie to let him go to the company, and Zhang Weidong asked Ding Jun to help Zhang Fan move things back to her dormitory and left in a hurry.

Mr. Long has already arranged an office for Zhang Weidong. As long as Chi Xiaojie can stay with him, it doesn’t matter if the company has a spare person. Zhang Weidong was not assigned a specific job. Of course, he was very unstable, but Chi Xiaojie comforted him to study more. Maybe this is an opportunity to change his destiny. When Zhang Weidong heard someone in the company, Xiaojie and President Long were in the gossip pool, he was very unwilling to throw a word.

Zhang Weidong was not happy when he returned home, and he was also cynic with Chi Xiaojie, and Zhang Fan took the opportunity to lift the bar. Father Zhang has found a job again, and his salary is still much higher than before. Zhang Weidong intends to work at his place, but Chi Xiaojie interrupted quickly. Chi Xiaojie said that Long always intends to let Zhang Weidong do the grassroots management work, and Zhang Weidong displeased that she did not want her to please others for herself.

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