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Having you in my life 一路上有你 Episode 10 Recap

Zhang Weidong struggled to carry Zhang’s father down the mountain, and Zhang Fan was very moved to find that Zhang Weidong had a needle in his hand. After Zhang Weidong got home, he went downstairs to Chi Xiaojie’s house. After thinking about it, he left. When he left, he found that Chief Long had sent Chi Xiaojie downstairs. Zhang Weidong was very disappointed and wanted to leave, but accidentally dropped the vegetables he bought. Chi Xiaojie quickly stepped forward to explain, but Zhang Weidong refused to admit that he was jealous. Chi Xiaojie was sure that Zhang Weidong loved herself, and Ding Jun also knew that Zhang Weidong would say those things because he was afraid of dragging Chi Xiaojie down, and Chi Xiaojie suddenly realized.

Zhang Weiqiang was expelled from the school, and Zhang Weidong was so angry that he yelled at him. This is the school that Zhang’s father took so hard to find him. Zhang Weiqiang was disdainful, and even wanted to drive Zhang Weidong out of his home, but the Ding family came to persuade him, but it was still the same as having a firecracker. Zhang Weiqiang wanted to leave in a fit of anger, so Zhang Weidong had to leave and let Zhang Weiqiang go back to school.

Zhang Weidong went back to pack his things. Zhang Weiqiang was right. Zhang Fan snatched the things back. The family was supported by Zhang Weidong. Zhang’s father needed him and Zhang Fan needed him. When Zhang Weiqiang saw Zhang Fan staying and Zhang Weidong was leaving, he forced Zhang Fan to make a choice. In desperation, Ding Jun took Zhang Weidong to his place and arranged a place for him to live. The cold storage door was broken, and Ding Jun asked Zhang Weidong to help him see it.

At this time, someone came to deliver the goods, and Zhang Weidong helped them unload the goods because of something. Zhang Fan came to deliver dumplings to Zhang Weidong and took Zhang Weidong home. The two were busy talking and did not hear the movement outside. The people outside the door thought that there was no one inside and closed the door. Zhang Fan and Zhang Weidong found that the door was closed as soon as they were about to go out and they were trapped in the cold storage.

Zhang Fan was shivering from the cold, and Zhang Weidong had been busy for a long time to no avail. Chi Xiaojie went to the cold storage to find Zhang Weidong and didn’t see it. Hearing that Zhang Fan also went to the cold storage, she went to Ding Jun to ask. Zhang Weidong and Zhang Fan hid in the corner of the cold storage. Zhang Fan was guarded by Zhang Weidong. Zhang Weidong took out a lighter to keep warm. He also talked about the three brothers and sisters who burned the house back then. In the end, they both fell asleep unconvincingly. Ding Jun and Chi Xiaojie opened the door of the cold storage room to find the two of them, and quickly took them home to take care of them. Seeing Chi Xiaojie taking care of Zhang Weidong in this way, Zhang Fan felt a little self-blaming.

Zhang Weiqiang and Zhao Yong became iron buddies, and even rode his car to pick up Ding Li. The two were speeding on the side of the road on a motorcycle, but they almost ran into someone and turned on their backs. Zhang Weidong went to the hospital to pick up Zhang Weiqiang. Zhao Yong asked for trouble because the car was destroyed. Zhang Weidong hurriedly protected Zhang Weiqiang behind him and said that he would lose the car. However, the family had no money at all. Mother Ding hurriedly took the money to the two of them, but still hoped that Zhang Weidong and Zhang Fan would take control of Zhang Weiqiang, and also said that Zhang Weiqiang and Ding Li could not be kept together. The two of them became crazy. Together will only be more troublesome. Zhang Weiqiang ran away because he was afraid to go home, so Zhang Weidong had to find him.

In the end, Zhang Weidong found Zhang Weiqiang by the sea. Mr. Long found Zhao Yong and said that he wanted to cooperate with Zhang Weidong. He also helped Zhao Yong open a karaoke bar and gave Zhao Yong 40% of the shares, provided that the karaoke manager must be Zhang Weiqiang. Zhang Weidong bought an egg and pleaded guilty to Ding’s mother. Zhao Yong came to the door to ask for money, and almost started to attack Ding’s mother. Zhang Weidong hurriedly let Ding’s mother go home. Ding’s mother lamented that Zhang Weidong was stupid and warned Ding Li not to interact with Zhang Weiqiang. Zhang Fan often thinks of the scene in the cold storage, and doesn’t feel happy.

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