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Having you in my life 一路上有你 Episode 5 Recap

Zhao Yong was very rascal. Zhang Weidong was also told that he would not be recruited if he had a criminal record. Zhao Yong shamelessly gave him a business card and said that he could go to his place as a security guard, and the purpose was only to humiliate him. Mother Chi followed Chi Xiaojie and found that he was entangled with Zhang Weidong, Chi mother immediately went up and shouted, and even started directly, pulling Chi Xiaojie back home abruptly.

Zhang Weidong, who was troubled by the three words of rapist, was very upset. He ran to Chi’s house in the middle of the night. Chi’s mother was complaining, but Chi’s father felt that it would be okay to let the two of them interact first. There was a strange sound outside the door, and Father Chi went out and found that Chi Xiaojie was stealing the account book. Chi Xiaojie hurriedly pulled Zhang Weidong away, for fear that his mother would find that Zhang Weidong hugged Chi Xiaojie, who had been crippled, and left.

The next day Chi’s mother went to Zhang’s house to make trouble, and Zhang’s father was helpless. Zhang Weidong took Chi Xiaojie to dinner, because they had no money and only had a bowl of rice, both of them were very sad. Father Ding and Mother Ding persuaded Father Zhang. Although Father Zhang still cared about Zhang Weidong, although his mouth was stiff, it was not easy for him. He was in jail for Chi Xiaojie, and Chi Xiaojie now elopes him to repay his favor.

Zhang’s father and others began searching all over the world for Zhang Weidong and Chi Xiaojie, and finally found the two sleeping on the side of the road, and took them home. Zhang Weidong said that he liked Chi Xiaojie, and Zhang’s father reluctantly agreed to the two together and recognized Chi Xiaojie’s daughter-in-law. Zhang Weiqiang was unwilling, saying what was the enemy of the family, Zhang’s father was busy stopping him, and he gave Zhang Weidong and Chi Xiaojie a passbook to buy the marriage. Chi Xiaojie and Zhang Weidong held hands tightly and were very moved.

Chi’s mother discovered that Chi’s father and Chi Xiaojie had taken the household registration book together and immediately locked Chi’s father at home, and ran to the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau to prevent Zhang Weidong and Chi Xiaojie from marrying, but Chi Xiaojie said that even if she could not get married, she was still the Zhang family. Chi Mu was so angry that he took out dichlorvos and drank it, and the two rushed Chi Mu to the hospital. Chi Xiaojie blamed herself very much. Who thought Chi Mu entered the operating room but immediately won her eyes. It was not poison at all, so she begged the nurse to lie down for half an hour.

When there was a problem with the above documents, Chi Xiaojie remembered the data and she introduced it. Chi’s mother discovered that Chi’s father was filling out the laid-off papers, and Chi Xiaojie discovered her pretending to be dizzy. Zhang Weidong waited for her in Chi Xiaojie’s dormitory and cooked soup for her. After the two reluctantly separated, Chi Xiaojie went upstairs, while Zhang Weidong was determined to give Chi Xiaojie a good life, so he went to Zhao Yong silently. The address on the business card.

Zhao Yong mistakenly thought that Zhang Weidong was here to find fault, and learned that he was looking for a job and asked him to beg himself. Of course Zhang Weidong was not willing, but he was indeed a prisoner, thinking of Chi Xiaojie, Zhang Weidong had to go back and beg Zhao Yong. Give yourself a job.

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