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Having you in my life 一路上有你 Episode 4 Recap

Mother Zhang came to see Chi Xiaojie, Chi’s mother was so angry that she cursed, Chi’s father had to take her out. However, Chi Xiaojie insisted to prove to Zhang Weidong that Zhang Weidong should not be wronged. Who would think that Zhang Weidong surrendered himself in order to prevent him from ruining his studies. Chi Xiaojie was heartbroken and didn’t know what to do. Mother Chi looked at the children playing outside the window and thought of Xiaodi.

Zhang Weiqiang was going out to play, and Zhang’s father was very angry. Zhang’s mother hurriedly pulled Zhang Weiqiang to give Zhang Weidong some dumplings. After all, Zhang Weiqiang was unwilling to go with Zhang’s mother. Zhang Fan had to go with Zhang’s mother but was stopped by Zhang’s father. Zhang’s mother had to go to see Zhang Weidong alone.

Four years later, Zhang Weidong was about to be released from prison, during which time he read all the books in the prison. Chi Xiaojie came to the Longcheng Group to apply for the job. President Long saw that Chi Xiaojie was immediately silly. When looking through the information, he found that Chi Xiaojie and Angela looked very similar. Chi Xiaojie went to pick Zhang Weidong out of prison. She thought the two would be together forever, and started again.

Although Zhang’s father was stiff, he still came to meet Zhang Weidong and took him home to see Zhang’s mother. Zhang Weiqiang was a little stunned when he saw Zhang Weidong, who hadn’t seen him for a long time, and Zhang Fan was also stunned. She had been admitted to university and became a big girl. The younger siblings didn’t want to pay attention to Zhang Weidong, but Zhang Weidong looked around for Zhang’s mother, and finally found the portrait of Zhang’s mother on the wall.

Zhang’s father didn’t want to say anything, so Zhang Weidong had to ask Zhang Weiqiang and Zhang Fan. Zhang Weiqiang shouted at his mother one by one murderer, and Zhang Fan burst into tears. Zhang Weidong begged bitterly before Zhang Fan told the truth. That year Zhang’s mother went to deliver dumplings to Zhang Weidong and encountered heavy snow, suffered a heart attack, and died on the road. When Zhang Weidong learned the truth, he knelt on the ground and collapsed.

Chi’s mother was worried that Chi Xiaojie would go to Zhang Weidong again, but Chi’s father said that Zhang Weidong had been rehabilitated well inside, so he would be released in advance for the reduction of sentence. Chi’s mother was disdainful. Chi Xiaojie said that she was going to pick up Zhang Weidong. Chi Mu once again warned her not to be with Zhang Weidong, and Chi Xiaojie felt helpless.

Father Zhang and Weidong Zhang were going out, Ding Jun and Ding Li came to see him, and everyone was very moved when they saw him coming out. Zhang Weidong went to see Mother Zhang and knelt down in front of the grave. He hoped that Mother Zhang could take a look at him every day, but Mother Zhang had never been there.

He thought that Mother Zhang was angry and would not want to look at him, but who would have left long ago. The world. Mr. Long spoke in Cantonese to the new employees of the Dragon City Group, and also selected Chi Xiaojie as his assistant. Chi Xiaojie carried a bunch of documents to report. President Long looked at the picture of Angela on the table and felt that Chi Xiaojie was a gift from heaven.

Just as Chi Xiaojie was about to go to work, she was scolded by Chi’s mother, and she was not allowed to have any contact with Zhang Weidong, and Chi’s father was the same. Of course Chi Xiaojie refused. Zhang Weidong was jailed for his own sake. If Chi’s mother hadn’t lied to him back then, he wouldn’t end up like this. In the face of opposition from her parents, Chi Xiaojie was very firm. Zhang Weidong accidentally discovered that Zhang Weiqiang was on the phone with Zhang Fan. They both hated Zhang Weidong. Not only did they kill his mother, but they refused to understand Zhang’s father’s difficulties, and they insisted on getting along with Chi Xiaojie.

Chi Xiaojie went to get the key to the dormitory. It was a single dormitory approved by Chief Long. The people in the company were very dissatisfied. Zhang Weidong helped Chi Xiaojie move, and the conditions of the dormitory were very good, which made Zhang Weidong a little sad. Father Chi and Mother Chi looked for Chi Xiaojie all night, and then Chi Xiaojie told them that they had moved to the company dormitory by themselves. Chi Mu always felt that there was something tricky in it.

Zhang Weidong went to apply for a security guard. Zhao Yong accidentally saw it and sarcastically, shaking off Zhang Weidong’s imprisonment.

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