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Having you in my life 一路上有你 Episode 3 Recap

Mother Zhang woke up Zhang Weidong who was having a nightmare. She knew that Zhang Weidong was feeling uncomfortable. She only hoped that the children would be at ease. Chi Xiaojie was found to be pregnant. Father Chi was so angry that he wanted to clean up Zhang Weidong, but Chi’s mother was afraid of her daughter’s reputation and decided not to make trouble in the city. The most important thing at the moment is to keep Chi Xiaojie going to college.

Chi Xiaojie dragged her luggage to find Zhang Weidong. She felt that the child was a gift from God, so she wanted to quit school and marry Zhang Weidong. Of course Zhang Weidong disagreed, but Chi Xiaojie had already made up her mind, not to mention that she didn’t want to quit school. The school also disagrees. Zhang Weidong said that Chi Xiaojie was still in college and couldn’t have children. He didn’t have the face to talk to his parents about marriage. Chi Xiaojie panicked suddenly and angrily accused Zhang Weidong of being irresponsible and left crying.

Ding Jun took out all his wealth to help Chi Xiaojie, but Zhang Weidong was still undecided. The school said that Chi Xiaojie’s style is a problem and absolutely cannot be accommodated. Chi’s father and Chi’s mother are so angry that they need to find Zhang Weidong to settle their accounts. Zhang Weidong sneaked upstairs to look for Chi Xiaojie, and quickly apologized. The two decided to give birth to the child. Father Chi and Mother Chi came knocking on the door, Zhang Weidong hurriedly jumped out of the window and left.

At this moment, Father Chi and Mother Chi opened the door and saw that this scene was so angry that they were about to push Zhang Weidong downstairs. Zhang Weidong jumped down in desperation, and Zhang’s father threatened. Want to discount his legs. Chi’s father and Chi’s mother warned Chi Xiaojie that they could no longer communicate with Zhang Weidong, but Chi Xiaojie said that they would marry Zhang Weidong. Chi’s father and Chi’s mother directly locked Chi Xiaojie when they heard these words.

As soon as Zhang’s father and Zhang’s mother were about to go to bed, the police knocked on the door, saying that they were going to take Zhang Weidong to understand the situation. Zhang Weidong was taken to the police station and it spread among the neighborhood. Chi’s father and Chi’s mother reported that Zhang Weidong had raped Chi Xiaojie, and Zhang Weidong was immediately stupid. Zhang’s father and Zhang’s mother were flustered when they learned that Zhang Weidong was likely to be sentenced, but Ding Jun hurried over to tell Chi Xiaojie the matter.

Chi Xiaojie turned the window anxiously, and was taken by Zhang’s father and Zhang’s mother as soon as they were about to go to the police station. Back home. Chi Xiaojie angrily accused her parents of wronging a good person, not to mention that it was voluntary, but Chi’s father and Chi’s mother made up their minds to make the police think that Chi Xiaojie was forced, so that she could go to school and keep her chances of going to school.

Of course Chi Xiaojie refused. If Zhang Weidong was really sentenced, she would not live anymore, and would even die in front of her parents. Chi’s father and Chi’s mother hurriedly pressed Chi Xiaojie on the chair. Chi Xiaojie broke down and cried, and Chi Mu said that Zhang Weidong must be fine. Zhang’s mother begged Chi’s mother to save Zhang Weidong, but Chi’s mother spoke very awkwardly, saying that Zhang Weidong might have deliberately lost Xiaodi, and that Zhang Weidong deserved it, after all, he had destroyed Chi Xiaojie all his life. Mother Zhang fainted on the ground from a heart attack, and Mother Chi hurriedly took her to the hospital.

Zhang’s father was so angry that he wanted to pull Chi’s father and theory. Chi’s sharp words left Zhang’s father speechless. Zhang Weidong was locked in the police station and learned that his mother was sent to the hospital. Chi Xiaojie was unwilling to testify, and Chi Mu decided to settle the matter by herself. Chi’s mother went to Zhang Weidong and said that Chi Xiaojie kept herself in the house all day long without thinking about eating and drinking, that the school would expel Chi Xiaojie, and that the classmates were discussing Chi Xiaojie’s bad style, and begged Zhang Weidong to plead guilty and save Chi. Xiaojie, so she can go to school again, and she said that she will never interfere with the relationship between the two after she graduates from university. Zhang Weidong hesitated and finally decided to plead guilty and help Chi Xiaojie return to school.

Zhang’s mother and Zhang’s father learned that Zhang Weidong had pleaded guilty, and Zhang’s father was so angry that no one would mention Zhang Weidong and Xiaodi again. Mother Zhang clutched her heart and almost fell ill again. Zhang Fan was so angry that he wanted to find Chi Xiaojie to settle the accounts, but Zhang Weiqiang felt that Zhang Weidong deserved it. Chi’s mother found a private clinic to get her baby out, but Chi Xiaojie refused to live or die and went to Zhang Weidong. Chi Mu was afraid of wearing help and had to talk about it later.

Zhang Fan and Ding Jun stood downstairs looking for Chi Xiaojie to settle their accounts. Chi Mu hurriedly went downstairs to drive them away, but Ding Jun took the opportunity to go upstairs and opened the door of Chi Xiaojie’s bedroom. Chi Xiaojie hurriedly went to testify to Zhang Weidong. , Chi Mu pulled her to death and did not let go, under the entanglement, Chi Xiaojie bleeds. Everyone rushed to send Chi Xiaojie to the hospital, and learned that the child was very painful without Chi Xiaojie, and then turned around and begged her mother to let Zhang Weidong go. At this time, Mother Zhang came.

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