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Having you in my life 一路上有你 Episode 2 Recap

Chi Xiaojie’s parents were extremely worried because she hadn’t returned all night. As soon as Chi’s father was about to go out to find her daughter, they saw Chi Xiaojie standing desperately outside the door. Zhang Weidong suddenly woke up and wanted to find Xiaodi. Ding Jun hurriedly stopped him. Zhang’s father and Zhang’s mother were afraid that he would hear some rumors when he went out. But Zhang Weidong was going out like crazy. Ding Jun had to tell the truth.

Zhang Weidong was indeed adopted. Zhang Weidong was stunned and pushed Ding Jun out the door. Chi Mu was going to see Zhang’s mother. On the way, someone said that if it weren’t for Zhang Weidong and Chi Xiaojie to throw the small land aside, they would not lose it. Chi Mu immediately began to shirk responsibility and scolded Zhang Weidong one by one. The neighbor listened. However, I quarreled with her, and in the end it was the father of Chi who brought back the wife who loves to chew his tongue.

Father Chi went to the factory and called Xiaodi and said that Xiaodi had found it. Chi Xiaojie, who had just been receiving the infusion, left quickly and ran to the beach to tell Zhang Weidong that Xiaodi had found it. Zhang Weidong quickly cannon fodder at home, but only found Xiaodi’s shoes. Zhang Weiqiang started accusing his elder brother for losing his younger brother. Zhang Weidong was drowned by the accusations and ran to the river to end his life. Zhang’s father and Zhang’s mother hurriedly ran to stop them. In their hearts, Zhang Weidong was their biological son and they no longer had a child. Land, there can be no more Zhang Weidong. Just as Zhang Weidong was about to jump down, Zhang’s mother fainted to the ground.

When Zhang Fan and Zhang Weiqiang went shopping for groceries, they heard people chewing their tongues. They unexpectedly learned about their eldest brother’s life experience and hurried home to question their parents. Only then did Zhang’s father and Zhang’s mother tell the story of Zhang Weidong. Their first child passed away shortly after birth, and Zhang’s mother adopted the abandoned son Zhang Weidong and treated him as her own son.

Zhang Weidong was very moved when he heard that he immediately called the neighbors together. He is the kid that everyone said was picked up, but from now on, he is the son of Zhang’s father and Zhang’s mother. Whoever dares to chew his tongue should not blame him for being polite! When Zhang Weiqiang saw this scene, he was embarrassed by repeated scolding, and Zhang Fan was dragged back home.

Mother Ding was teaching Ding Jun that he shouldn’t tell Zhang Weidong what happened. Father Zhang said that he didn’t blame him for this. Chi Mu’s big loudspeaker shouted everywhere, and sooner or later it would reach Zhang Weidong’s ears. Mother Ding screamed for evil, not knowing what the Zhang family should do in the future. Father Ding asked Ding Jun to help persuade Zhang Weidong, especially Zhang Weiqiang not to stabbing his parents all day long.

But Zhang Weiqiang didn’t understand this at all, and he was still clamoring at home that Zhang Weidong should not want himself. He also accidentally heard that Chi Mu was constantly picking things up, and immediately ran to the Chi family. The window of Chi’s house was broken by Zhang Weiqiang, and the vixen of Chi’s mother stepped forward and tore and beat him. Zhang Weidong eagerly pushed Mother Chi to the ground, and the vixen of Chi’s mother was even more scolding.

Mother Chi cried and scolded her daughter as a white-eyed wolf. Zhang Weidong ran downstairs to Chi Xiaojie and confronted her with a signal. Chi Xiaojie asked Zhang Weidong to go back and give Zhang Weiqiang a lesson. Zhang Weidong awkwardly dropped a pen and left, but Zhao Yong entangled Chi Xiaojie at this time, and Chi Xiaojie ran home directly.

Zhang’s father was arranged by the factory to run long distances. Zhang Weiqiang was very unhappy. He felt that Chi Mu asked the factory to arrange this. This also immediately made Zhang Weidong doubts. The next day Zhang Weiqiang went to school and was entangled by Zhao Yong. Zhao Yong said he asked him to call out Zhang Weidong to help him avenge Xiaodi. At first Zhang Weiqiang did not agree, but Zhao Yong asked Zhang Weiqiang to agree with his aggressive approach.

Ding Jun gave Zhang Weidong a letter from Chi Xiaojie, saying that Chi Xiaojie was waiting for him at the station. Zhang Weidong hurriedly ran to the station. At this time, Zhang Weiqiang ran out and said that Zhang Fan was taken away by Zhao Yong. By the sea, he fell into Zhao Yong’s pit. Zhang Weidong and Ding Jun noticed something was wrong and hurried to run, but Zhao Yong asked them to surround them and beat them up. Zhang Weidong asked Ding Jun to find the police before they left.

Chi Xiaojie waited at the station for a long time and didn’t see Zhang Weidong. Seeing that the train was about to leave, he still didn’t come. Ding Jun hurried over with Zhang Weidong’s words. Chi Xiaojie asked Ding Jun to tell Zhang Weidong that he must wait for himself. Zhang’s mother brought Zhang Weidong out of the police station. Zhang’s father was so angry that he was going to beat him.

Zhang Weidong was very wronged. It is not to his fault. Zhang Fan found that something was wrong and immediately questioned Zhang Weiqiang. Zhang’s mother and Zhang’s father heard that Zhang Weiqiang was looking for someone to beat Zhang Weidong and was so angry that he would kill Zhang Weiqiang. Zhang Weidong hurriedly protected him behind him. Zhang Weiqiang still didn’t think he was wrong. He kept claiming that Zhang Weidong had killed Xiaodi, and that Zhang’s father was furious and was not allowed to make trivial talks, as he had never had this child in the family. Zhang Weidong blames himself for peace, and often dreams of Xiaodi.

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