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Good Bye My Princess 东宫 Episode 48 Recap

Li Chengyin found Chai Mu and said that he planned to let Gu Jian die. Chai Mu was shocked, but he couldn’t change Li Chengyin’s mind at all. At this time, Li Chengyin was filled with hatred. Li Chengyin left Chai Mu coldly, this scene was clearly seen by Gao Ming’s subordinates, and he hurriedly reported to Gao Ming. The emperor went to visit Mingyue, and unexpectedly learned that Mingyue was pregnant, and the emperor Longyan Dayue decided to give Mingyue the title and let her give birth in the palace.

Li Chengyin asked Pei Zhao to deploy the Yulin Army to guard the East Palace and lie in ambush outside the hall. He just wanted to wait for Gu Jian to rescue Xiaofeng single-handedly. As long as Gu Jian entered the palace, he would die without a place to bury him. Soon, the news of Mingyue’s pregnancy reached Gao Ruyi’s ears, and Gao Ruyi was shocked, for fear that Mingyue would take away all her love. Mingyue went to visit Xiaofeng and found that Xiaofeng was very thin. When she chatted with Xiaofeng, Xiaofeng was depressed and felt that the hatred of the country and the family could not be quelled.

Gu Jian went to find Chai Mu. Chai Mu made Gu Jianyuan fly high, and repeatedly explained that Xiao Feng could not belong to Gu Jian, and Gu Jian must not wish to wish anymore and lost his life in vain. Gu Jian knew in his heart that Li Chengyin wanted to get rid of himself, but he had decided that he must enter the palace and take Xiao Feng away. Gu Jian decisively said goodbye to Chai Mu. Chai Mu knew that Gu Jian was looking for death, but there was nothing he could do. Gao Ming had already discovered that Chai Mu was Chen Zheng, and he was taken aback. Only then did he know that the master behind Li Chengyin was Chai Mu.

Pei Zhao also gradually realized that Li Chengyin was going to deal with Gu Jian. He tried to persuade but was bluntly blocked by Li Chengyin. As a minister, Pei Zhao could only obey Li Chengyin’s orders. Li Chengyin went to visit Xiaofeng, but Xiaofeng only missed Gu Xiaowu in his words, which made Li Chengyin jealous and angry. Li Chengyin felt that the person Xiao Feng loved was Gu Xiaowu. He was furious, but he didn’t know that many years ago, he married Xiao Feng Baitang as Gu Xiaowu in Xizhou many years ago.

Li Chengyin hated Gu Jian so much, he deliberately put Mingdi in front of Xiao Feng, attracting Gu Jian. Seeing Gu Jian coming, Xiao Feng panicked and told him to leave quickly. In fact, Gu Jian also knew that he had done so badly, but he insisted on going his own way and didn’t want to leave. Li Chengyin ordered people to lay down a net from the sky and the earth. Ten thousand arrows were fired. Adu accidentally hit the arrow and rolled down from a high place. Xiaofeng also fell down. Gu Jian caught Xiaofeng and went to save Adu. .

Gu Jian took Adu and ran away, and wanted to take Xiao Feng away. Naturally, Li Chengyin couldn’t let him succeed. He had already let the archer prepare an ambush. Li Chengyin took Xiao Feng, who was alone, to the tower, and let her watch Gu Jian’s tragic death. Xiao Feng was so painful that she begged Li Chengyin to stop the archer. However, Li Chengyin had already blushed. He not only ordered the arrow to be released, but also stubbornly held Xiao Feng’s head to let her see Gu Jian’s arrow in person.

Gu Jian was injured in the arrow, but Li Chengyin still refused to let it go and ordered all arrows to be sent. In order to protect Adu, Gu Jian used his body to block the arrow rain, and was soon shot into a hedgehog. At this time, Li Chengyin was willing to give up. Xiao Feng rushed down the tower frantically. She cried and became a tearful person. Gu Jian smiled at Xiao Feng as she died. Xiao Feng cried and put on the hairpin that Gu Jian bought for herself. Gu Jian reluctantly lifted it. I want to touch Xiao Feng’s hair. However, he was powerless and eventually died in front of Xiao Feng.

Xiao Feng completely broke down. She cried all night beside Gu Jian, until the next morning, Li Chengyin came over coldly and asked if Xiao Feng was really so sad. Xiaofeng stared at Li Chengyin with hatred. She admitted that she was heartbroken because her favorite Gu Xiaowu was dead. Li Chengyin was furious, and even mistakenly thought that Gu Xiaowu was Gu Jian. He had already planned that even if Xiao Feng hated him, it was better than ignoring him.

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