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Khoon Jae National Park in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Khoon Jae National Park, which is named after Khoon Jae Waterfall in 1991, is a cool and pleasant park rich in natural resources and various kind of animal, for example, civet, wild boar, barking deer, porcupine, bear, loris, and many kinds of bird such as Ashy Dongo, Crested serpent eagle, Coppersmith Barbe, and Blue-winged leafbird. To get here, use highway No.118, Chiang Rai- Chiang Mai route and the park is on the edge of the highway around the kilometer marker 55-56. There are many attractive places within the park including waterfalls and Doi.

Mae To Waterfall is a 7-floor waterfall, 40 meter high and is accessible by car from the park’s office to the runway of the waterfall (Baan Mae To) within approximately 30-40 minutes before taking a walk to the waterfall. For all 7 floors, it could be explored in about 2 hours. The other waterfall is Khoon Jae waterfall which is where the name of the park is derived from. Khoon Jae Waterfall has 6 floors. The area around has spaces for picnic and camping to get some rest soaking the beauty of the waterfall. It is about 2-hour drive from the park’s office and 1 hour walk to the waterfall.

Many interesting in here such as Doi Mod which has a dense tropical rain forest. Plenty plants like fern and moss are along the way up to the top which make it shady and lively all the time. The hilltop is 1,700 meter high, you can hike in 2 days and stay overnight. The next Doi is Doi Lanka. It is the 5th highest in Thailand at 2,000 meters which provides a spectacular view of the park. You can spend 4 days 3 nights hiking the trail.

On top of playing in the water or staying overnight camping at by the waterfall area, there are other hiking activities to try. An important thing of these activities is there must be a guiding authority and you have to prepare overnight gear by yourself. During November-March is a very suitable period to travel. Those who are interested in hiking and staying overnight can contact Khoon Jae National Park , Tambon Mae Jedee Mai, Amphoe Wiang Pa Pao, Chiang Rai 57260 Tel.0-5316-3364 or Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Thailand Tel. 0-2562-0760 Website

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