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The Dragon Palace is not good enough

The Dragon Palace is not good enough
Other Name: 龙宫驸马不好当

Genres: manga
Island Project
Related Show:

“Dragon Palace is not easy to be a horseman” is a web comic serialized by the island Project. The comic tells that Situ Huajin died unexpectedly while pursuing the goddess. After the mysterious resurrection, he discovered that he was possessed by a male god. The male god introduced himself: I am the prime minister under the seat of Guangde Longjun in the East China Sea!

It turned out that the Dragon Palace has undergone drastic changes, the Dragon King is killed, the Dragon Palace is captured, and the Prime Minister tortoise takes the princess for a while. He wants to seek a relationship with the princess to mate with the princess, and return to the Dragon Palace. In this way, Situ Huajin, who is righteous (se), not (cong), (xin) and (sheng), assumes the heavy responsibility of caring for the princess.

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