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Befriend 人際關係事務所 (2018)

Befriend 人際關係事務所 (2018)
Also known as: 人際關係事務所 / Ren Ji Guan Xi Shi Wu Suo

Genres: drama, friend
Wu Jian Xin (吳建新)
Wen Yu Fang (溫郁芳)
Release Date:
June 13, 2018
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Guo Shu Yao as Kang Le You 康樂佑
Cao You Ning (曹佑寧) as Zhang Liang 張亮
Wang Po Chieh (王柏傑) as Ding Shao En 丁邵恩
Ma Zhi Xiang (馬志翔) as Zhou Guang Xia 周廣俠
Yang Jing (陽靚) as Kang Fu Mei 康富美
Chen Wei Min as Ken
Chen Yu (陳妤) as Sunny

Ever since his childhood growing up in an orphanage, there has always been something about Zhang Liang that makes almost anyone willing to open up to him. One day, he came across a nameless bookstore where he began making a living by resolving other people’s relationship conflicts. At this bookstore he falls in love, is reunited with his best friend and, in the course of resolving other people’s problems, even finds his long-lost mother. As love, friendship, and kinship converge and begin to collide in his life, he must now figure out how to resolve the emergent relationship issues in his own life. Source: iQiyi

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