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Before We Get Married 我們不能是朋友 (2019)

Before We Get Married 我們不能是朋友 (2019)
Also known as: 我們不能是朋友 (我们不能是朋友) / Wo Men Bu Neng Shi Peng You (Wo Men Bu Neng Shih Peng You)

Genres: Romance, Drama
Feng Kai 馮凱
Release Date:
Related Show:
Before We Get Married (我們不能是朋友) by 阿亞梅 A Ya Mei

Jasper Liu as Chu Ke Huan (褚克恒)
Puff Kuo as Zhou Wei Wei (周惟惟)
Steven Sun as Li Hao Yi (黎皓一)
Nita Lei as Gao Zi Yuan (高子媛)
Phoebe Yuan as Han Ke Fei (韓可菲)

The man with stock code 2882 is a strange yet familiar face to Zhou Wei Wei. He’s also the one who she yearns but wants to escape from. Playing love as a dangerous investment game, will this game turns a loss into profit or does she have to take the loss and sell it off?

From being single to getting married, it’s the most vulnerable phase in love. The one who you have missed, meeting the one in the wrong time or the one who you’ve yet to know more but feels the mutual attraction would slowly, one by one appears in this phase. Including the one that might wittingly or unwittingly shake your heart, or even brew a storm. Zhou Wei Wei who is about to tie the knot suddenly don’t understand, what is love? However, the bells have rung, what’s the decision?

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