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Seizing Treasure

Seizing Treasure (2020)
Also known as: 夺宝群龙, Duo Bao Qun Long, Three Against the World

Genre: Drama, Action, Comedy
Chen Yuyong
Release Date:
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  • Lin Fengye
  • Fuhe Anqi
  • Billy Lau
  • Bao Xiaoping
  • Chen Yuyong
  • Han Rui
  • Zheng Liuzhi
  • Li Binghan
  • Zheng Yiqi
  • Yue Dongfeng

The wealthy businessman Song Jinrong had a grudge with the insurance giant Wu family. In order to retaliate against the Wu family, he deliberately exhibited his collection of rare treasures-the Koran, and bought a huge amount of insurance from the Wu family. Song Jinrong finds the thief Zhuo Feifan and asks him to steal the Koran to force the Wu family to go bankrupt. Zhuo Feihua felt that stealing the Koran was very fun, so he agreed to Song Jinrong; on the other hand, Boss Wu’s son Chen Charlie (played by Andy Lau) was very skilled. In order to be foolproof, he personally took charge of the security of the Koran. At the same time, sharpshooter Ma Rulong also wanted to get the Koran to give to his girlfriend, in order to please his girlfriend. A game for the Koran has begun.

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