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Having you in my life 一路上有你 Episode 1 Recap

Zhang Weidong is the son of the Zhang family and the eldest brother of the children. He was a kid who liked to make trouble since he was a child, but he also supported his younger siblings, but no one thought that he would bring about earth-shaking changes to this family. That year, his girlfriend Chi Xiaojie was admitted to university, and Zhang Weidong took her on a steamer to go to sea. When the two began to play, there was a voice asking them to stop the ship, because Zhang Weidong did not seek the consent of the owner.

Chi Xiaojie was a little panicked, but Zhang Weidong was calm, until the ship was running out of fuel. Zhang Weidong had to send Chi Xiaojie ashore first, leading the people behind by himself. Chi Xiaojie was entangled by the rogue Zhao Yong alone at the beach. Zhang Weidong took his stick and drove away his entourage, and then chased Zhao Yong and beat him fiercely. Zhao Yong watched Zhang Weidong and Chi Xiaojie both leave, feeling very unhappy.

Zhang Weidong took Chi Xiaojie to an abandoned hut to rest, while Zhao Yong ran to complain to Chi Xiaojie’s mother. Chi Xiaojie was very angry when she learned that Zhang Weidong deliberately didn’t enter the university. Her mother didn’t like two people together. If he was admitted, she might earn her mother’s consent. Zhang Weidong’s attitude chilled Chi Xiaojie, and she was so angry that she was going to cut him off. Zhang Weidong said that he loved Chi Xiaojie very much, but his grades could be tested at most an ordinary school, so he wanted to take the chance to be admitted to the sailing school as a captain.

Only to take Chi Xiaojie on a voyage. Chi Xiaojie was moved by these words. When the two of them were about to kiss, they were interrupted by Chi Xiaojie’s mother. Chi Xiaojie separated the two and scolded Zhang Weidong for harming her daughter, but Chi Xiaojie refused to return. Home. Mother Chi was so angry that she couldn’t speak, she even said that Zhang Weidong was a wild species, and then took Chi Xiaojie home.

Zhang Weidong went home, his younger brothers and sisters Zhang Weiqiang and Zhang Fan asked him to go out for a few days, and his father was angry. Zhang Weidong refused, picking up a piece of paper and entering the room. Parents criticized Zhang Weidong, but Zhang Weidong questioned their own life experience. Zhang’s father and Zhang’s mother looked at each other and didn’t want to tell the truth. Zhang Weidong took the piece of paper to pretend to be the police station’s certificate.

Chi’s mother is called Zhang Weidong, but Chi Xiaojie stubbornly refuses to break up. Zhang Weidong and his young brother were playing in the water. When Zhang’s father and Zhang’s mother saw him, they thought he believed the two of them. The family was having lunch and fighting, and the brothers and sisters were very harmonious, and Zhang Fan would remember that scene many years later. Chi Xiaojie found Zhang Weidong’s brother Ding Jun to deal with Zhang Weidong, Ding Jun hesitated and agreed.

Mother Zhang approached Mother Chi and asked if she had talked to Zhang Weidong. On the contrary, Mother Chi said that even though her son clings to her daughter, Mother Zhang had to promise her not to let Zhang Weidong and Chi Xiaojie interact, and Mother Chi also agreed not to Tell the matter. But Mother Chi was so rampant that she was so angry that Mother Zhang became ill, and people passing by quickly sent her to the hospital. Zhang Weidong was meeting with Pan Yue, Chi Xiaojie met Zhao Yong again on the way to the meeting, but Zhang Weidong drove him away.

The two were about to go back to the hotel. Zhang Weiqiang ran to inform his mother that he was in the hospital. Zhang’s mother asked Zhang Weidong if she and Chi Xiaojie were carrying her parents behind her back, threatening them not to be together. Zhang Weidong immediately went to find Chi Mu to settle accounts, but Zhang’s father also gave an order to Zhang Weidong not to interact with Chi Xiaojie. A few rebellious words of Zhang Weidong made Chi Mu very angry, because she had a serious heart attack.

Chi Mu took the initiative to let Chi Xiaojie look at Mother Zhang. Chicha knew she was guilty, but Chi Mu refused. Chi’s father repeatedly asked Chi’s mother to tell the story. Chi Xiaojie, who returned home, heard her mother’s words and was unbelievable. Faced with her mother’s opposition, Chi Xiaojie was very determined to be with Zhang Weidong, and Chi’s mother simply locked her in. In the room. Zhang Weidong was playing with Xiaodi and received a call from Chi Xiaojie. He had no choice but to take Xiaodi to the seaweed room for the appointment. He also found excuses to meet Chi Xiaojie, leaving Xiaodi alone to play with ducks on the beach.

Chi Xiaojie threw himself into Zhang Weidong’s arms, and then began to take off his clothes. The two are now together. Zhang Weidong hurriedly stopped, but Chi Xiaojie was about to cook the uncooked rice. By then, it would be useless if his parents disagree. Zhang Weidong refused, Chi Xiaojie wanted to leave again in a fit of anger. On impulse, Zhang Weidong took Chi Xiaojie into his arms…

Xiaodi threw the duckling made by Zhang Weidong into the sea, and Xiaodi chased the duck into the sea and gradually entered the deep sea… After the incident, Zhang Weidong thought of Xiaodi, and quickly put on his clothes and went to find Xiaodi, but he didn’t see it. Xiaodi’s figure only found what Xiaodi left on the beach. Zhang Weidong went into the water like crazy and asked Chi Xiaojie to go back and find someone. Zhang Weidong tried his best to find a small land, but it was useless.

Mother Zhang, Father Zhang, and Chi Xiaojie rushed to the beach and learned that Xiaodi was swept away by the waves. The parents hurriedly searched for a boat to go out to sea, but it was dark and it was very dangerous to go out to sea. Everyone began to call Xiaodi’s name everywhere, and Zhang Weidong sat down at the beach with tears all over his face. Zhang Weidong knelt down in front of his parents and began to repent, slapped one by one on his face, Zhang’s father and Zhang’s mother had already burst into tears.

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